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  Februar Birthdays

      Páni Kluci   Páni Kluci
The chorus was founded by its conductor Ped D Václav Hanč within Elementary School with Extended Education of Music, where the conductor works as a headmaster. There were originally 30 boys from the second and the third classes. They sang children's repertoire in structure soprano, alto. At present the choir has been singing for four years as a mixed chorus (soprano, alto, tenor, bass). The repertoire is formed by compositions of old music, compositions of contemporary composers and arrangements of folk songs.

The Boys' choir has three departments. The Concert choir is created by 40 singers and two preparatory departments. The choir regularly performs concerts in Litoměřice, it has taken part in several international festivals, and has gone on several foreign tours (Germany, France, Belgium) and it has appeared in various places in the Czech Republic. The chorus is accompanied by the piano player Milan Frič.

     Sam Atkins   Sam Atkins
Sam is a chorister at St Mary's Church Beddington, and became Head Chorister in 2010.

He has been a Chorister st St Mary's Church Beddington since he was 6 years old. He also plays violin and percussion.

Sam holds the RSCM Dean's Award and passed Grade 8 Singing with distinction in March 2012.

Sam now sings tenor, and is the current Tenor Scholar (2016)

     Patrick Burrowes   Patrick Burrowes

       Bishop's Choristers of the Cathedral of St. Joseph the Workman, La Crosse, Wisconsin
Founded in February 1961 to serve the new Cathedral Church of St Joseph the Workman, La Crosse, which was dedicated in May 1962.

      Sandstorm   Sandstorm
Sandstorm is a young rock band from Tuscon, Arizona. The members are: Josh Every - Lead Vocals/Keyboards, Raymond Sanchez - Lead Guitar/Acoustic Guitar/Bass/Percussion, Zach Briefer - Drums/Keyboards/Percussion, and Jake Morris - Bass/Acoustic Guitar/Percussion/Back-Up Vocals. The band was formed in February 2006 and already they have writen eighteen original songs. Their many influances include Led Zepplin, Pink Floyd, Radiohead, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Pearl Jam.

     Ernesto Schinella   Ernesto Schinella
Ernesto is a real entertainer!
This talented young singer from Italy performs on stage like a professional who knows how to win the audience.
One of his latest appearances on TV were those at the "Ti Lascio Una Canzone" show but he has already sung in the "Zecchino d'Oro" show in 2002.
Ernesto is also featured on a few tracks of the CD compilation, which was released in connection with the show in 2009.

  1 Februar   Dennis Diehl  [Dennis Frank Orlands Diehl]
Dennis Diehl was born in Coventry, the son of a musician and made his only known record at the age of 15 3/4.

Dennis Diehl died on 4 May 2007.

  2 Februar Hughie Green & His Gang   Hughie Green & His Gang  [Hugh Hughes Green]
Hughie Green & His Gang (1934-36, Regal Zonophone, Rex). The photograph of 13-years-old Hughie Green & His Gang comes from The Sound Wave (London) for May 1934.

As Master Hugh Green he played the title role in a radio adaptation lasting an hour-and-a-quarter of Erich Kästner's story Emil and the Detectives, broadcast on the BBC's London and other regional programmes at 8 p.m. on Thursday, 8 Feb. 1934, and repeated the following day on the National Programme at 9.35 p.m. Other cast members included Francis L. Sullivan as the sinister man in the bowler hat Grundeis, the boy actor Desmond Tester (best known now for the film The Drum with Sabu), and Hubert Langley (who made a disc 24 years earlier as a boy soprano). A review of this broadcast in The Times (London, 9 Feb. 1934, p. 12) noted "not all the difficulties of satisfying the ear with a play that is mainly a play of action had been overcome . . . perhaps the best of the entertainment was the sense it gave that the juvenile actors led by Master Hugh Green were enjoying themselves hugely."
(This is the broadcast referred to in John Bridcut's book Britten's Children, about the composer's relationships with adolescent boys. The 1931 film version of the novel which so impressed Britten -- "the most perfect & satisfying film I have ever seen, or ever hope to see" -- is available on DVD from Amazon.de and although the dialogue is in German, anyone who has read the story will be able to follow the film quite well, as it is mainly visual drama.)

Hughie Green was born in London. When eleven years of age he sang a number at the Garrick Theatre and after singing in local shows, his appearance at thirteen on the BBC radio feature programme In Town Tonight led to a regular 15-minute radio slot, first broadcast on 5 May 1934. The following year he was Britain's highest-paid child star, earning a steady £175 per week. As well as radio work he also appeared in several films from 1935 (see IMDb). He moved to Canada, becoming a Canadian citizen and was a pilot with the Royal Canadian Air Force in WW2. Later he hosted numerous British TV quiz & game shows such as Opportunity Knocks (1956-78) & Double Your Money. He died of cancer in London on 3 May 1997. His autobiography Opportunity Knocked was published in 1965.

(Sourced from autobiography; obituary in The Times; Radio Times; et al.)

  2 Februar William Ferris   William Ferris
William Ferris was Head Chorister at Arundel Cathedral. He is a music scholar at Seaford College, where he sings in the Chapel Choir and plays the cello. He has been a chorister at Arundel for seven years, participating in RSCM events and gaining the Dean's and Bishop's Chorister Awards.
He is currently Head Chorister of the RSCM Southern Cathedral Singers.

  2 Februar  Emile   Emile  [Emile Sauvagie]
Emile Souvagie (° 02/02/1999) is de jongste van vier kinderen en komt uit Aalst. Ook in de familie Souvagie valt de appel niet ver van de boom: mama en papa zijn klassiek geschoolde muzikanten, Emile zelf volgt notenleer, Algemene Muziek Vorming, klarinet en samenzang. Muziek heeft dan ook een speciale plaats in het leven van Emile, maar dat wil niet zeggen dat hij de afgelopen jaren constant op een podium stond: dat gebeurde voorlopig alleen nog maar voor de plaatselijke schoolmusical en enkele optredens met zijn klarinettenkoor. Emile heeft nog een grote passie: basketbal. Hij speelt basket in teamverband bij Okapi Aalstar, kijkt ook graag naar sport op tv en zou elke nacht met zijn basketbal gaan slapen als je hem niet tegenhield. In de vrije tijd die dan nog overblijft steekt hij graag een of ander cool game in zijn spelconsole. Emile schreef het blijgezinde Diep in mijn lijf samen met zijn producers Johan Vanden Eede en Alain VandePutte, die al hits schreven voor Niels Destadsbader, Kabouter Plop, Spring en Mega Mindy. ' Bron : www.eurosong.be

  3 Februar Le Petit Prince   Le Petit Prince  [Pascal Krug]
I am Pascal Krug and I would like the text of the song "ma princesse" would be changed because when I recorded this plate, my little girl friend was in the box in the registrement and her name was Brigitte. I had not the idea to change "jolie" in "petite" and "Sylvie" for "Brigitte". Brigitte was very sad.

I was 11 and a child singer, she was 8. Now I'm 56 years old and I sing again. A new CD was produced by Alain Morisod / (Pascal Krug/Le Petit Prince/tout sauf une rose/hier et aujourd'hui), produces by Shangali records (www.morisod.com/pages 06/détails/le_petit_prince.htm
After a separation of 44 years, I met Brigitte again..!

Ich habe viele Schallplatten in Frankreich gemacht aber ich habe auch eine Schallplatte auf Deutsch gemacht, mit zwei Liedern : 1) Dabei wollt ich nur eine Rose, 2) Mein Tagebuch.

  3 Februar  Amir   Amir

  3 Februar Daniel Gogolla   Daniel Gogolla
Daniel was born on 3rd February 1992 in Dortmund where he lived up to the age of 4. Since 1995 he has been living in Datteln a small but beatiful town near Recklinghausen.To increase his pocket money Daniel has occacionally played the guitar in various city-centers, and singing to it as well. He has been doing that since he was twelve. Today Daniel is 15 years old and though he is still playing acoustic guitar, his new passion is singing. He already has given an interview on the radio where he also performed several cover songs. Daniel knows that success will not come easily, but he is sure "I'M GONNA MAKE IT ...."

You don't have to speak German to enjoy Daniel's music - he records in English, albeit with an interesting British/German accent!

Daniel Gogolla is working on a cd lately

  4 Februar David Militello   David Militello
David Militello is a young actor and singer from Austell, Georgia, USA

  5 Februar Jussi Björling   Jussi Björling  [Johan Jonaton]
The Swedish tenor Jussi Björling (1911-1960) began his distinguished career as a boy soprano in 1915 at the age of four-and-a-half, singing in a trio with his brothers Olle (1909-1965) & Gösta (1912-1957), who were all trained by their father David (1873-1926), an opera & concert singer. During an American recital tour 1919-21 they performed either as "The Björling Male Quartet" or as a "Juvenile trio" & about 6/9 Feb. 1920 the three boys were recorded in New York by Columbia in six items on 78 rpm discs, mostly singing in unison.

The photo at left shows David and his four sons. Back row: Gösta, David, Jussi. Front row: Karl and Olle.

Photo. circa 1924

  5 Februar Maxime Baudouin   Maxime Baudouin
Maxime entered the Choeur d'Enfants Sotto Voce in 1999 under the direction of Scott Alan Prouty. He became soloist of the musical comedy Oliver! in the Opera de la Batille in Paris, in 2000 and 2001.

  5 Februar   Josef Protschka
Josef got his start as a boy soprano, first distinguished himself on a 1955 recording of Weill and Brecht's "school opera" Der Jasager supervised by Otte Lenya. He developed into an outstanding tenor as he reached adulthood.

  5 Februar   Philippe Carl  [Baby Drums]

  6 Februar Hadrien Lefebvre   Hadrien Lefebvre
Age 11 during Pergolesi recording.

  6 Februar   Andreas Göhler
Andreas Göhler was a member of the Dresdner Kreuzchor in the late 60's and early 70's. He sung the second boy at a Magic Flute recording in 1970.

  6 Februar   Manuel Martig
Early on the small Manuel started to sing at parties and it was well received. Resulted in further increasing number of performances such as in large family gatherings or birthday parties. Manuel always took part in the children's charts in Wallis and came again and again top positions. At the Olympic Games in 2006, he was allowed to represent his home canton with many other artists. Slowly, he felt his way now even beyond the borders Wallisser. Loving parents, a great producer in person by Adi Rabensteiner ensure that Manuel is constructed carefully. His first work, the CD "A small mixed bouquet" is now available and will accompany the young Manuel on his performances in the future with the beautiful Liedergut.

  7 Februar Michael Horncastle   Michael Horncastle
Michael made the eminent transition from probationer to St. Philip's choirboy in 2002 at the age of 9. Not long after, Michael made his television debut with Libera on Songs of Praise, with the opening of "There is a Green Hill Far Away" being his first solo, thus proving what the very youngest of Libera are capable of. Before becoming a soloist himself on a Libera album, Michael featured on Libera's advent video "Sing the Story" which was filmed for Songs of Praise in December 2003. This song was also included as an extra track on the Japanese version of the album Free.

2004-05 saw a change of Libera's principal soloists which gave Michael another rung on the ladder of choral experience. His first opportunity arose during the time of Libera's first Asia tour of March-April 2005 where Michael sang several solos. This was followed shortly after by the choir's latest release - Visions. Such songs as "Something Sings", "Sing For Ever" and the poignant tribute to Flanders fields, "We are the Lost", exemplify the level of maturity in his voice that has elevated over the last few years. Michael's efforts on tour were repeated during Libera's October trip to Japan.

Evident in many behind-the-scenes photos and videos, Michael can be seen as a bright and spritely character and, along with Callum Payne, has a talent for introducing Libera to the rest of the world.

Michael loves making cranes or animals of Japanese origami papers.

  7 Februar Mark Robson   Mark Robson

  7 Februar Marco Konegger   Marco Konegger

  7 Februar Andrew Hopkins   Andrew Hopkins
Andrew Hopkins was a chorister in the St. Philip's Boys' Choir, Norbury, now better known as Libera. He was named Chorister of the Year in 1981.

  7 Februar   James Roscom
Has been singing since he was a wee fella in Loch Lomond 1991

  9 Februar Jimmy Bennett   Jimmy Bennett
James Michael "Jimmy" Bennett (born February 9, 1996) is an American actor and musician. He is known for his roles as a child actor in Daddy Day Care, Hostage, Poseidon, and more recently in Orphan and as young James T. Kirk in Star Trek. He also starred in No Ordinary Family as JJ Powell, a teenager gifted with vast intelligence after a plane crash.

Bennett was born in Seal Beach, California and now lives with his parents and his sister in Huntington Beach, California, where the family runs a hard rock themed crepe restaurant.When not acting, Bennett plays guitar and sings on his official YouTube channel. He also wrote and performed the song Summer Never Ends which can be heard at the end of Shorts.
Bennett appeared in nearly 30 commercials, as well as in episodes of the television series The Guardian and Strong Medicine, before being cast in the role "Tony", the boy who wants to be The Flash, in the Eddie Murphy comedy Daddy Day Care. He had smaller roles in the movies Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy and "Arthur Hailey's Detective". He has also appeared in Judging Amy, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and Everwood, and lent his voice to characters in the animated films The Polar Express, Winnie the Pooh: Springtime with Roo and I Want a Dog for Christmas, Charlie Brown. He has been nominated for Young Artist Awards five times.
In 2005, Bennett appeared in the film Hostage, where he starred with Bruce Willis, and The Amityville Horror, where he played the role of the middle child of a family moving into a haunted house. The films were released in March and April, respectively. He was called "Jimmy Two-Takes" on the set of "Hostage", because of his ability to deliver his lines perfectly.
In February 2006, Bennett appeared in the thriller Firewall, where he played the son of Harrison Ford's character. He also played an abused boy in The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things, an independent film that was released a month after Firewall. Also in 2006, he voiced Roo in the Disney/Square-Enix video game Kingdom Hearts II and appeared in Poseidon, a remake of the 1972 film The Poseidon Adventure. His 2007 roles included South of Pico, an independent film, and Evan Almighty, a sequel to the 2003 film Bruce Almighty. He appeared as a young James T. Kirk in the 2009 Star Trek movie. He also starred in the 2009 film Orphan and the TV series No Ordinary Family.
Bennett also starred in the film Bones, featuring him alongside famed Ozzy Osbourne guitarist and Black Label Society frontman Zakk Wylde. Bones is described as a "heartbreaking coming-of-age story of four teens growing up in 1989 blue-collar New York, and the bond that would tie them together for life."
In August 2011, Bennett released his debut single "Over Again" and the accompanying music video.

  9 Februar   Jonathan Garcia
Jonathan Garcia sings a variety of classical and folk music. He specialises in singing Jewish liturgical music. He has sung solo with the Spanish and Portuguese Jews' Congregation Choir at Bevis Marks Synagogue in London. For the last 3 years he has been the boy soloist for Neimah Singers, singing with Cantors Moshe Haschel and Avromi Freilich. He has performed at the request of the Chief Rabbi of the United Kingdom. Jonathan has also sung solo at the Great Synagogue in Jerusalem. He has performed the boy solo in the Chichester Psalms in concert. Jonathan also plays violin and jazz piano. Jonathan trains with Jenny Lilleystone.

  9 Februar Tilman Tuppy   Tilman Tuppy
Tilman Tuppy was a chorister with the Wiener Sängerknaben.

10 Februar   Yosyp Mindak  [mindak józsef]

10 Februar   Philippe d'Annevoy  [Kiniques]
Décédé le 15/12/2009.

10 Februar   Yosyp Mindak

11 Februar  Joselito   Joselito  [Jose Jiménez Fernandez]
José Jiménez Fernández was born in Beas de Segura, Jaén, northeast Andalucia in Spain in February 1947. Talented, skillful andaluz flamenco singer who knows many grade of flamenco even at the age of nine during the film "El Pequeno Ruisenor".

Some records still erroneously show that Joselito was born in 1943 (La enciclopedia de los recuerdos: www.teacuerdas.com) then even the biography on IMDb is wrong.

11 Februar  Daniel   Daniel  [Daniel Siegert]
Grand final winner of Star Search Kids in Germany, 2003.

12 Februar David Cizner   David Cizner
David Cizner was born February 12, 2002 in Prague into a musical family. His mother, Florence Cizner, is a well-known voice teacher and the music director of the early music ensemble "Musica Fresca". The musically saturated environment he and his twin sister were brought up in naturally led to them being very musically talented. Their mother started giving them voice lessons at the age of five. On average, they had three to four lessons a week. This lasted for a couple of years and resulted in a great project: the internet voice training textbook "Unique Vocal Technique for Kids" (www.vocaltechniqueforkids.com) that both children helped create, filming and recording the vocal and musical exercises. At the age of 9, David had already become one of the five members of the Musica Fresca vocal ensemble, recording and performing five part polyphonic repertoire of the renaissance and early baroque era.

In April of 2012 he performed at the International Music Festival in Brno, where he sang soprano solo in a concert of the Responsorium of the Holy Week by Jakub Jan Ryba. He has won several prestigious vocal competitions: Vinohradsky slavicek (1st place in 2010, 1st place in 2011), Karlovarsky slavicek (2nd place in 2011), the International vocal competition Prazsky pevec (1st place in 2011). He has been chosen to attend the master classes of a well known vocal pedagogue, Mr. Jiri Kotouc at the Summer School of Early Music in Valtice, which has led to a regular collaboration between David and Mr. Kotouc.

David's singing career as a boy soprano is now approaching its peak. Although the voice break commonly occurs at the age of 13 or 14, it is not predictable and can arrive sooner. As soon as this happens, his voice will change profoundly, as will his repertoire. We therefore seized this unique opportunity to record his repertoire before he is unable to sing it. Thus the album "The Celebration of Trebles" was created under the music direction of Florence Cizner in May, June and September of the year 2012. [Kateřina Andršová / ARTA]

13 Februar Max Matthew   Max Matthew
Max Matthew is a member of the National Boys Choir of Scotland, the RSCM Northern Cathedral Singers and the ABCD Cambiata North West choir.
He was chosen as a case study by Professor Martin Ashley for his book "Contemporary Choral Work with Boys". The study draws on the work of John Cooksey to chart the development of a young voice from age 10, just before the period Cooksey describes as "Full rich soprano like quality. Reaches its pinnacle of beauty, power and intensity at this time" to the full flowering of the pure treble voice at age 12 and its maturation into a deeper range at age 13. 19 tracks on the CD "Monday Afternoons" uniquely illustrate the changes in the life span of a boy treble.

Max has two cats, Missy and Alfie, who he adores and has talents in science and computing as well as music. His ambition is to go into medicine.

13 Februar  Knabenchor Abtei Neresheim   Knabenchor Abtei Neresheim
The Knabenchor Abtei Neresheim is singing mostly at the church services of the abbey church Neresheim. The focus is on Gregorian music as well as on choir music.

The Boys at the age from 6-15 come from Neresheim and the surrounding and rehearse one or two times a week. They wear black robes with white collars.

The choir has four different groups - the pre-choir (Vorschola) for the youngest, the assembling choir, where the Boys learn to sings the Latin Gregorian music, the main choir, where the Boys sing in different laguages and more difficult singings. During the voice change the Boys learn music theory. As young Men the can start singing in the choir again

All Boys from all religious denomination can sing with the Knabenchor Abtei Neresheim. Musical previous knowledge is not nessesary.

The conductor of the choir is Father Albert Knebel OSB, Prior and Cantor of the Benedictine abbey who founded the choir in 2004. Before he organized concerts of Boys Choirs at the abbey Neresheim and got the inspiration to create a new choir.

The Choir Boys learn how to sing in one-to-one instructions as well as in groups. Singing Teacher Stephan Heinemann, voice trainer of the Thomanerchor Leipzig, is teaching the Boys and Men. Today the choir has about 50 members.

Der Knabenchor Abtei Neresheim singt regelmäßig bei Gottesdiensten in der Abteikirche Neresheim und bei eigenständigen Auftritten. Neben ein- und mehrstimmigen Chorsätzen aus unterschiedlichen Epochen kommt der Gregorianik eine besondere Bedeutung zu.

Aus der Region um Neresheim kommen sie, die 6- bis 15-jährigen Jungen, die je nach Alter und Fortschritt ein bis zwei Mal in der Woche in der Abtei Neresheim proben. Bei Auftritten tragen die Chorknaben schwarze Talare mit weißen Schulterkragen, die die Schneiderin des Klosters entworfen und genäht hat.

Der Knabenchor Abtei Neresheim ist strukturiert in vier Gruppen: In der Vorschola lernen die jüngsten Sänger die Grundlagen chorischen Singens. Im Aufbauchor, der nächsten Stufe, werden gregorianische Gesänge in lateinischer Sprache sowie einstimmige und auch zweistimmige Literatur einstudiert. Im Hauptchor singen die erfahreneren und älteren Sänger mehrstimmige Literatur in verschiedenen Sprachen sowie schwierigere gregorianische Gesänge. Während der Mutation erhalten die Chor-"knaben" theoretischen Musikunterricht sowie die Möglichkeit zu gegenseitigem Erfahrungsaustausch im Umgang mit der sich verändernden Stimme. Als junge Männerstimmen können sie ihre aktive Chortätigkeit nach Abschluss des Stimmwechsels fortsetzen.

Hauptziel des Knabenchor Abtei Neresheim ist das Einstudieren geistlicher Gesänge, die sich in die klösterlichen Gottesdienste einbringen lassen. Eine Besonderheit stellt die Gregorianik dar, das einstimmige liturgische Singen mit lateinischem Text. Daneben singen die Chorknaben Volks- und Kinderlieder, die nach stimmbildnerischen Aspekten ausgewählt sind und jeweils zur Jahreszeit passen.

Der Knabenchor Abtei Neresheim steht allen Jungen und jungen Männern offen, die gerne singen, unabhängig von Religion oder Konfession. Musikalische Vorkenntnisse sind nicht erforderlich.

Der Knabenchor Abtei Neresheim wird geleitet von Pater Albert Knebel OSB, Prior und Cantor der Benediktinerabtei. Motiviert durch das Erleben von Knabenchören aus aller Welt, deren Konzert- und Gottesdienst-Auftritte in der Abteikirche er seit 2002 moderiert, gründete er am 13. Februar 2004 den Knabenchor Abtei Neresheim.

Die Chorknaben erhalten Stimmbildung in Einzel- und Gruppenunterricht. Diplom-Gesangspädagoge Stephan Heinemann, Stimmbildner beim Thomanerchor Leipzig, kommt regelmäßig nach Neresheim, um die Chorknaben zu unterrichten. Gegenwärtig hat der Knabenchor etwa 50 Chorknaben.

German text taken from www.abtei-neresheim.de/abtei-neresheim

14 Februar Paul Butcher   Paul Butcher
Paul Butcher, Jr. (born February 14, 1994) is an American actor and singer.
Butcher is best known for playing the role of Dustin Brooks, brother of Zoey Brooks, in the four seasons of the TV show Zoey 101.
He has provided guest and other minor roles for a number of movies and TV shows, one of the most notable roles being a guest star in the Season 5 Premiere of Criminal Minds. He also played the role of young Walter in the 2007 film The Number 23.
Butcher released a single, "Don't Go," in July 2010.

14 Februar Harry Bradford   Harry Bradford
Harry was a chorister at Chapel Royal, St James's Palace. He was a member of the Children's International Voices Choir. He also played first boy in the ENO's production of the Magic Flute. Harry plays the violin, viola, piano and trumpet and has passed all his last exams with distinction.

In October 2008, Harry was named Choirboy of the Year with his singing of So Shall the Lute and Harp Awake (from Handel's Judas Maccabaeus) and Holy, holy, holy (Nicaea). Photo copyright BBC.

Harry featured on Songs of Praise singing from St. George's Chapel Windsor and St. Lawrence's church in Evesham.

Harry recorded his debut album,'My World of Song' in 2009.

15 Februar Miguel Martinez   Miguel Martinez

16 Februar Gerben Visser   Gerben Visser  [Gerben Tjeerd Visser]
Gerben was a soloist with Roder Jongenskoor.

O lovely peace: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4rapB94bDSk

16 Februar Charlie Green   Charlie Green
Charlie Green is from Droitwich UK. He is talented Jazz singer who began to sing and entertain at the tender age of two. Charlie has been on stage quite regularly in a number of shows and in cabaret.
He appeared in "Britain's Got Talent" 2008. His performances on television have led to further appearances on television in the UK and Malaysia.

18 Februar Cyril Lewis   Cyril Lewis
One of Steffani's Silver Songsters. See also the pages for Morris Stevens & Roy Kemp.

I believe Cyril Lewis joined Steffani's Singing Scholars in 1934. He can be seen singing 'Loves Old Sweet Song' with the Singing Scholars on the Pathe web site. This was filmed in early 1935 and he left the group soon after. He was a member of Steffani's Silver Songsters who were formed later in 1935.

"Master Cyril Lewis, aged 12, a chorister of St. Paul's Church, Port Talbot, has won 55 first prizes in 18 months. He has won four national honours, including the capturing recently of a silver cup for the championship of Wales. He took two firsts at the Ponthenry Eisteddfod last Saturday. As a side-line, on Wednesday next he will defend his title as champion boy sack-racer of Wales."
Report in the South Wales Evening Post (Swansea), Tuesday 27 June 1933.

Died 2000

18 Februar   Michael Graham
Michael sang in the Paulist Boy's Choir and was their main soloist for 4 years. He was the soloist for many performances such as Handel's Messiah and the head of the choir during the performances for the Joffrey Ballet. Later he was offered the male vocal for Disney's The Lion King in which he had to turn down because of a horrible case of strep throat leaving him unable to sing during the recording sessions.

Offered his voice to the soundtrack of Edward Scissorhands as well as John Tesh's Romantic Christmas. Thought by many to have been one of the best soloists in the Paulist Boy's Choir history.

19 Februar Emerson de Moraes   Emerson de Moraes
Emerson de Moraes was born in Passo Fundo, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil on the 19th February 1993. He was a contestant on the Brazilian show 'Jovens Talentos'.

19 Februar   Claude Pascal  [Claude (Rene Georges)]
Studied at the Paris Conservatory of Music at age ten and when twelve sang Yniold in "Pelleas et Melisande" in Paris. Made several recordings c.1933 on 78 r.p.m. discs.

Pascal went on to become a distinguished composer, teacher & critic.

19 Februar Danny de Munk   Danny de Munk
Danny de Munk entered the scene at age 12 as the lovable street urchin Ciske in the movie "Ciske de Rat". He sings the title song, "Ik voel me zo verdomd alleen", which immediately becomes a number one hit. After two more movies, "Op hoop van zegen (1986) and the short film "De vuurdoop" (1988), Danny decides to concentrate on his singing career, which he continues even today as an adult.

19 Februar   The Mini Band
Probably the youngest rock bank around to be taken seriously as such.
The Mini Band from Thatcham (now Berkshire), is made up of
Harry Jackson aged 9, Zoe Thomson aged 9, Kieran Fell aged 9, Harrison Read aged 9, Charlie Emmons aged 11 and Archie Zolotuhin aged 11. They play adult sized instruments and, considering their age, their musical performance is simply awesome!

20 Februar Simon Bohrenfeldt   Simon Bohrenfeldt  [Binho]
He was a sopran soloist at Tölzer Knabenchor (2003-2009).
He was born, lives and goes to school in Münich.
He plays football (soccer), table tennis and other sports.
His voice is as strong as any woman's, but with the sonic qualities and overtones of a Baroque oboe d'amore. (Douglas Neslund)

20 Februar   Malcolm Leitch

20 Februar Master (Arthur) Iwan Davies   Master (Arthur) Iwan Davies
Iwan was born at Llandyssul near Newcastle Emlyn, Cardiganshire, Wales. The birth date given above is correct; in the chapter devoted to him in Stephen Beet's book "The Better Land" (2005) the year is given erroneously as 1916. He trained at the London Choir School in Denmark Hill from September 1930, and became a chorister at the King's Chapel of the Savoy (a "royal peculiar" in the private possession of the monarch, located off the Strand in central London) and later at All Souls Church, Langham Place, London. Iwan died in January 1996.

He made two sides for Decca aged 15 and recorded two items each for Decca & HMV just before and after his 17th birthday, which is why his voice has something of the power and quality of a counter-tenor. In October 1932, when nearly 18, he made a "party" record and sang two carols for Decca as an alto plus some Welsh songs unpublished on 78rpm.

20 Februar Matt Hunter   Matt Hunter
As Latinos continue to become a major force in the United States, the influence of Spanish-speaking cultures has become undeniable.

Today, a new generation of young kids who are the product of this now look to express themselves and their experiences. But in order for the world to take notice they need someone who understands them, a young person with a voice just like their own, just a kid with a dream.

Matt Hunter is that voice.

A young New York City native, Matt Hunter was born to a Colombian mother and Italian father. His charisma and love to entertain all those around him was quickly recognized by his family and friends.

Growing up in a bilingual household, Matt found a way to use his Latino Heritage to speak to millions of young kids just like him as the voice of Diego on "Nickelodeons Dora The Explorer" and "Go Diego Go".

But this was just the first step in working towards his own larger dream. There was a piece of Matt that could only be expressed through one outlet, music.

Influenced by the popular music heard amongst his siblings and peers as wella s the Latin bachatas, salsas, and cumbia played by his mother. Matt was intenet upon delivering hiw own musical sound that combined both worlds.

With the help of Infared Ink and Grand Staff, Matt was able to gather the elements of his New York City upbringing as well as his Latino heritage and work them into a fun and powerful sound that is sure to make you move.

Now, witht he proper stage set, Matt Hunter is ready to take over your iPods, radios and television screens.

Never before has a teenageer been able to capture the imaginations of not one but two worlds in the way that Matt Hunter is capable of.

From coast to coast across the United States, down to Mexico, Central and South America, the Caribbean, and Europe, the world needs to prepare because the Hunters are here and they're feeling FUEGO!!!

20 Februar   Dominic Wright
Dominic became a chorister with Tewkesbury Abbey at the age of nine with a major music scholarship, participated in various tours with the choir including America, Paris, and Venice. He left the choir at the age of 13 in 2003.

21 Februar Yuto Miyazawa   Yuto Miyazawa
Yuto Miyazawa is a 12-year-old Japanese singer and guitar prodigy who has toured with OZZY OSBOURNE and is listed in the Guinness Book as the youngest professional guitar player in the world.

He's also a member of the rock band THE ROBOTIX.

21 Februar Corbin Bleu   Corbin Bleu
American actor, model, dancer and singer Corbin Bleu is probably best known for his roles in High School Musical, but he's got many other sides to him, as well. Corbin was born on February 21, 1989, in Brooklyn, New York. By age four he had already signed with Ford Modeling Agency and appeared in cereal commercials and department store ads. In 1995 he made his stage debut in an off-Broadway play called Tiny Tim Is Dead. A year later Corbin, only seven years old, landed his first TV job: he had to play a character that needed a rabies shot on ER. He says he actually still remembers the scene, which he performed alongside George Clooney. Fast-forward eight years to 2004, when a 14-year-old Corbin starred as one of the leads in a movie called Catch That Kid, playing computer whiz Austin. He followed that up with an even bigger film: Oceans Eleven. One year later, in 2005, Corbin scored a starring role as Nathan on Discovery Kids' Flight 29 Down. The TV series was about a group of plane-wrecked high schoolers; basically, the teen version of Lost. 2006 was when Corbin's career really took off. Sixteen years old, he landed the role of Chad Danforth, the BFF of Zac Efron's character in the TV movie High School Musical. The Disney Channel mega-hit gave Corbin the chance to show off his singing abilities and rocketed him and his co-stars into superstardom, reaching over 100 million viewers in more than 100 countries around the world in its first year on air alone! The show's soundtrack became the top-selling album of the year. Being a part of the Disney Channel allowed Corbin to have a variety of acting experiences. In 2007 he became leading man of the show Jump In! alongside his very own real-life dad, David Reivers. As part of the series Corbin recorded a single for the show's soundtrack called Push It To The Limit, which hit No. 17 on the charts. Taking his singing a step further, Corbin released his debut album Another Side in the same year; it peaked at No. 36 on the Billboard 200 albums chart. Later that year a record-breaking 17.2 million viewers tuned in to the premiere of High School Musical 2. The sequel's success meant a leap from the small screen to the silver screen for the entire cast for High School Musical 3: Senior Year. The movie opened in 2008 at No. 1 and made $42 million in its first week alone. Breaking away from his HSM sound, Corbin released his second album Speed of Light in 2009. He told MTV the songs were inspired by Michael Jackson, Guns N' Roses and Luciano Pavarotti. Now he's gearing up to release his latest acting venture in the movie Free Style, which is set to release on October 9, 2009. It's a coming-of age story about an 18 year old guy (played by Corbin) who wants to win the Amateur National Motocross Championship. Today Corbin still shines and he is filming new films.

21 Februar Morgan Burke   Morgan Burke
Born in Nashville, Tennessee, Morgan was a finalist in the American Juniors top 10.

21 Februar   Ian Henry
St Albans Cathedral Choir. Head Chorister and soloist until 1975.

22 Februar  Max   Max  [Max Colombie]
Max Colombie was born in Jette, Belgium in February 1991. At 14, Max was one of the finalists in the Eurokids 2005 contest, the Belgian preselections for the 2005 Junior Eurovision Song Contest. He finished in second place, and this resulted in a deal with EMI. In july 2006 he released his first (non-Eurokids) single.

Max is currently the lead singer of the electropop band 'Oscar and the Wolf' (est. 2010).

22 Februar Andy and David Williams   Andy and David Williams
Identical twin nephews of singer Andy Williams. Performed "Say It Again" on The Partridge Family: Two for the Show. Made an appearance on Sonny and Cher in 1972.

23 Februar Connor Daniel   Connor Daniel
This is what Connor has to say about himself:
I was born and raised in Kenya in a tropical paradise called Mombasa and only moved to England a few years ago! My mum is Kenyan and my dad is English and I am the youngest of three boys.
I can honestly say that music is my life! I've always loved dancing (street/hip hop) and last year I won the BBC BLAST streetdance competition. Jay Sean, Kymberlee Jay and Lyndon Lloyd were the judges.
The prize for this was to dance live on stage with Jay Sean which I did in November 2008.
I only started singing about 18 months ago and have recently started writing my own songs and recording them at home. I'm self-taught on the keyboard, I have a Korg Triton and FL Studio that I use to record my music. I got through to the Semi final of a national singing comp called 'Live and Unsigned' in May with my own original song called It's my Time'.
Connor Sings, dances, writes his own music. Between his diverse talents all of which are influenced by his heritage ensures that he will be around for years to come.

23 Februar Dirk-Jan van der Kooij   Dirk-Jan van der Kooij
Dirk-Jan van der Kouij,geboren 23 februari 1969 te Giesen,thans wonende te Brakel ontving van januari 1980 tot aan beginn 1984 zijn zangonderwijs bis Pieter Vis. In 1983 verscheen zijn solo-elpee."Hor Mein Bitten". Hij Werk te o.a. mee aan het Cath.van Rennes-125 jaar herdenking project. Zowel in Concerten als in zangdiendten was Dirk-Jan als jongenssopraan te beluisteren.Op Deze Elpee kunt U hem niet meer als jongenssopraancarriere aan zijn leraar Pieter Vis te danken gehad.

23 Februar Christian Grech   Christian Grech
Christian Grech hails from Munxar, Gozo and is 12 years of age (2007). He started his singing career at the age of five, from then onwards the young singer took part in various festivals around Malta and abroad, placing first in almost all of them.

In November 2002, Christian had the opportunity to take part in the prestigious Festival Zecchino D' Oro, in Bologna, Italy, which was broadcasted live on RAI UNO. He gave an excellent performance of the song "Violino Mio" and was greatly praised by the Maltese and Italian public.

In May 2003, Christian together with his sister Gabriella participated in an International Song Festival in Romania where he was awarded a special prize given by the Press.

Christian represented Malta in an International Festival: Asterisks International Children Singing Festival which was held in Macedonia on the last week of October 2003. He Sang the song "Kif Int?" and was placed first in the foreigners section.

During 2005, Christian already participated in three international singing festivals, the Million Miracles in Sofia, Bulgaria the May Note in Poland where he was placed first and awarded the Gold May Note and at the Slavianski Bazaar in Belarus.

He also has a CD with 15 songs penned by Maltese and foreign songwriters.

He has just begun his Secondary Education and is attending the Sacred Heart Seminary in Gozo. The young singer also attends the Gozo School of Music for Music Studies, where he is currently studying violin and theory of Music. He plays violin in concerts with the Gozo Youth Band and Orchestra and also plays with his sister Gabriella as a duo accompanied by the piano.

23 Februar   Philip Gould
Philip was one of the original members of the "Young Talent Team", joining in 1971 and leaving in 1974.

24 Februar Cristian Imparato   Cristian Imparato
C'est le vainqueur 2010 de l'émission "Io Canto", un télé-crochet italien ouvert à tous les âges.

24 Februar Victor de Maiziere   Victor de Maiziere
Victor de Maiziere is a member of the Dresdner Kreuzchor.
Before his voice broke, he was one of the better Sopranos in the choir. He sang one of the three boys in a radio play called "Max and Mozart" about the "Magic flute" in 2006.
He sang also a solo part in one track for the movie "Perfume: The Story of a Murderer" together with the Berlin Philharmonic with conductor Sir Simon Rattle in 2006. The track is #13 = Laura's murder. Victor is also playing piano. He is still a member of the choir and is singing bass now.

24 Februar   Reading Minster Boys' Choir
The new boys' choir at Reading Minster of St Mary the Virgin has been formed by the new assistant organist Peter West.
As to Mr. West's statement (see article on the Diocese of Oxford website) "The Minster is the main church for Berkshire" and "hasn't had a boys' or mens' choir since 1974 and it's missing something in a way."

24 Februar Denis Waterman   Denis Waterman

25 Februar Friedrich Pfeiffer   Friedrich Pfeiffer
Friedrich was a member of the Wiener Sängerknaben from 1968 - 1972. He participated in the famous Nikolaus Harnoncourt recordings of Bach's cantatas as a soloist. After leaving the WSK, he pursued studies on the French horn. By the age of 18, he had won the position of principal hornist with the Lower Austrian Tonkünstler Orchestra. Two years later, he was awarded the same position with the Wiener Symphoniker. He joined the Wiener Staatsoper Orchestra in 1981, the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra in 1985, and the Vienna Court Orchestra in 1987. Pfeiffer is also active as a conductor. Orchestras in which he has worked include New Japan Philharmonic Orchestra, Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra, Chamber Orchestra Salzburg, Vienna State Opera and National Opera Moldova, Chisinau. [D. Miller]

25 Februar Michael Mace   Michael Mace
Chorister at Leeds Parish Church

25 Februar   Darren Roberts
Darren Roberts has been a keen singer since he was five. His superb voice earned him a scholarship to Llandaf Cathedral School when he was ten years old. He has since sung on Wesh television and at major recitals around Britain including London's Royal Albert Hall.

25 Februar   Foster Sylvers

25 Februar Pierre Muzard   Pierre Muzard
Age 12 during Pergolesi recording.

25 Februar   Michael Ronayne

26 Februar Damiano Mazzone   Damiano Mazzone
Grazie alle doti canore trasmesse dai genitori e alla tenera eta Damiano e al centro dell'attenzione di radio, televisioni.

26 Februar   Raphael Harten  [Rafael Harten]
He is now singing in the Knabenchor Hannover as a counter-tenor and he sings also in some other ensembles for old music and he has his own culture-agency in Hannover.

26 Februar Oleg Pronchatov Jr.   Oleg Pronchatov Jr.
Russian singer.He is a member of amateur group named "PROject".

27 Februar Razvan Razy   Razvan Razy  [Razvan Dobai]
Dobai Razvan was born on February 27, 1998. He is a young artist who sings and he had done all kinds of music covers including "Never Say Never" cover by Justin Bieber and Jaden Smith. In 2011 Razvan released his debut single "My Way (miss you this xmas)" via iTunes. It is unknown right now if he will be releasing more music. He also is attending school and lives in Romania. He also has toured and performed on stages throughout places and schools. His talent shines and he loves to sing.

28 Februar   Guillaume Lemay-Thivierge
From a homeless child in "Le Matou" (1985) to an inveterate player seeking revenge in "Casino" (2007), Guillaume Lemay-Thivierge has literally grown up in the spotlight. Guillaume began his career acting in the 1984 TV series Épopée Rock when he was eight years old.

Rounding out his 25-year career, he has touched on every facet of business - drama, animation, music and acrobatics, radio and, of course, television and film. Evolving from the child star (Épopée Rock), the energetic teen (Chambre en ville, Surla piste), the adult-child (Ramdam, Détect inc., Rumeurs), to the mature and versatile actor he is now, his stunning performance in "Le Négociateur" (2005) literally propelled his career in a new direction.

28 Februar   Dominic Macbean  [Dominic Oliver MacBean]
Having been a chorister for five years at Truro Cathedral in Cornwall, Dominic has now gone on to Blundell's School Tiverton where he has been awarded a joint music and academic scholarship.

28 Februar René Simard   René Simard
René Simard's father was a choirmaster on the Île d'Orléans where he spent his childhood. At nine René was the prize winner on the program 'Les Découvertes de Jen Roger' (CFTM-TV, Montreal). This brought him to the attention of the impresario Guy Cloutier, who quickly made the young singer an international pop music star.

With his first show at the PDA in 1971, the 'p'tit Simard' (famous for a pudding ad) captured the hearts of Quebec audiences, as did his first hit recordings: 'Ave Maria,' 'L'Oiseau,' and 'Un enfant comme les autres,' all for Nobel, Cloutier's production company. In 1974 he represented Canada at the International Festival of Song in Tokyo, where he won first prize for performance and the Frank Sinatra trophy, which was presented by Sinatra himself. Acclaimed in Japan and also in Paris, where he made his debut at the Olympia in 1975, Simard embarked on a career in the English-speaking world. He appeared frequently on the US TV networks, with artists such as Bing Crosby, Bob Hope, Liza Minnelli, and Andy Williams, and with Liberace both in Las Vegas and in 1977 on tour. That year he returned to Quebec to sing in 25 towns. He was host 1977-9 of 'The René Simard Show,' a CBC English-language TV variety series produced in Vancouver showing a preference for a US style of performance.

He has appeared in the documentary films Un Enfant comme les autres (1972) and René Simard au Japon (1974) and he took part in the Quebec feature film J'ai mon voyage (1974) and CFTM-TV's teleplay 'Les Berger.'

29 Februar Michael Ginn   Michael Ginn
Michael went to Keble prep school in Winchmore Hill, North London. He was spotted singing carols by a musical aunt in December 1974 and started singing lessons. In early 1975 he amazed his fellow pupils when he sang 'How beautiful are the feet', unaccomanied, at the Friday afternoon fun time in the classroom. It brought tears to the eyes of his teacher.

In September 1975, Michael began a scholarship at St Paul's cathedral school. He sang in Sydney Opera House and Covent Garden.

Michael became a member of the Temple Church Choir at the age of nine. He soon becmame a soloist and, in 1980, sang 'Hear my Prayer' in the Abbey recording of 'The Temple Tradition'. He was noted for his performance as 'Miles in Britten's The Turn of the Screw at the Colosseum. Stephen Beet 'The Better Land --in seach of the Lost Boy Soprsnos'.

29 Februar Simon Brouillard   Simon Brouillard  [Simon]
A l'âge de 13 ans, il devient le chanteur du groupe LES LUTINS (musique garage beat band) qui connaîtra une certaine popularité jusqu'en 1968. En 1969, il débute une carrière solo qui durera jusqu'en 1971.

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