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  April Birthdays

     Jonathan Russell   Jonathan Russell
Jonathan started violin lessons at the age of three but when he heard a band playing a dixieland version of the song "Bei Mir Bist Du Shein" at the age of five, he decided to learn that song and once he had learned the tune he began improvising.
Jonathan has a strong interest in Jazz and has been featured on many Jazz festivals in the U.S.A. and recently also in Hungary.

He has released two CD albums on which he plays the violin and also sings on a couple of tracks. His second album features many of the performers he has been working with.

Jonathan is attending the Professional Children's School in Manhattan and studying violin at the School for Strings with Allen Lieb and jazz studies with Grammy Award winner Andy Stein.

       Los Niños Riojanos Flor del Cardón
Nace en La Rioja, el conjunto Los Niños Riojanos Flor del Cardón integrado en los primeros momentos por Carlos Sotomayor, Roberto y Domingo Avila, Jorge Martínez, Miguel A. Páez y Juan A. Fuentes, con una edad entre los 12 y 14 años.

     Jamie Somerville   Jamie Somerville
Jamie played the role of Karl (solo treble) in Massenet's Werther with the Royal Opera House (6-7/2016). This included a live performance streamed to cinemas nationwide.

He also played the role of Oliver, in a Central London, West End production of Oliver! (4/2016). A review said of him "tugged at the nostalgia muscles… singing pure and affecting in the heart-rending Where is Love?... perfectly cast."

Jamie is a member of the National Youth Choir's Cambiata Boys Choir and sang with them at the Royal Albert Hall (4/2016). Jamie performed Puccini's Suor Angelica's child (10/2015).

Previously Jamie has sung the solo treble in Mendelssohn's Elijah with the North London Chorus conducted by Murray Hipkin (3/2016). A review of the performance described Jamie as "ridiculously talented". He has previously sung with English National Opera appearing in their production of Carmen at The Coliseum (5-7/2015), this was also live streamed to cinemas nationwide and broadcast on SkyArts. He has sung at the Royal Festival Hall (2015), recorded with Dr John Rutter and sung for nearly a hundred international education ministers at the Westminster Central Hall for the Education World Forum (2014).

Other feedback on Jamie's auditions and exams includes: "Fantastic treble sound, Huge potential" (2015), "Jamie has a heavenly voice" (2015), "your songs had beautiful qualities" (2015), "Confident, bright, buoyant… expressive qualities… sensitive… animated and spirited" (2014).

Jamie is taught by Chris Royall, previously a founding member of The Sixteen, a member of the Monteverdi Choir and chorister with St Paul's Cathedral choir.

In 2016, Jamie won a music scholarship to a North London school.

      Climbatica   Climbatica  [Климбатика]
Climbatica was formed in April 2006. Van Chaos (b. 1994) is the singer and guitarist. The songs are inspired by the writings of Bell. Bell's writings are in response to the pictures/painting done by the artist Zdislav Beksinsky:

Группа образована 28 июня 2006 года. Всем участникам группы 12-14 лет. Основной музыкант - Ван Хаос, он придумывает музыку, поёт и пишет стихи. Без помощи взрослых группа, конечно же, обойтись не может. Чаще всего у детей возникают лишь идеи и музыка, в стихотворную форму их идеи предворить помогают те взрослые люди, что находятся рядом с ними и помогают их развитию. Состав группы:

Ван Хаос - гитара, вокал (12 лет); Люцифер - Бас-гитара (11 лет); Фокс - клавиши, гитара, бэк вокал (14 лет); Ягуар - ударные (11 лет).

Климбатёнок - подтанцовка (возраст неизвестен, ибо не человек)

  1 April  Roder Jongenskoor   Roder Jongenskoor  [Roden Boys Choir]
The Roden Boys Choir was founded in 1985 in the small town of Roden in the north of the Netherlands by choirmaster Bouwe Dijkstra. His main aim was to form a boys choir in the English style, featuring English choral music in its broadest sense. The choir is renowned for its consistently English choral style, not only in terms of its size and vocal range, but also in the attention it gives to the vocal quality of individual boys and young men. The choir employs, in every respect, the musical approach that has led to the high standards for which English boys choirs are so famous.

Today, the choir is directed by Rintje te Wies who also directs Martini Boys Choir Sneek (Martini Jongenskoor Sneek).

  1 April   Klaus Brettschneider
Klaus was a soloist of the Tölzer Knabenchor

Die Rolle des Hirtenknaben in der 'Tannhäuser"-Inszenierung von Götz Friedrich bei den Bayreuther Festspielen singt er als Solist des Tölzer Knabenchores.
08.08.1978 Klaus Brettschneider
19.08.1978 Klaus Brettschneider
28.08.1978 Klaus Brettschneider

  1 April Paul Phoenix   Paul Phoenix
Born on April Fools Day in 1967, I started my singing career some hours later! That seems to be my recollection - singing is something I have been doing and focussing on for as long as I can remember. I became a chorister at St. Paul's Cathedral when I was nine under Barry Rose. Life was both challenging and rewarding, and I was lucky enough to make several successful recordings, including the theme music for the TV drama, Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy. Being honest, though, my real love was soccer, and I lived for the moment, twice a week when we would travel to South London for a hard fought physical game.

After St. Paul's I finished my education back in Cheshire, and then went on to the Royal Northern College of Music where I spent another five hard fought years. Life as a freelance singer after college has been very kind to me, but the chance to sing with The King's Singers is for me the ultimate job (especially for someone who is not a great fan of opera). I spend most of my time adapting to a demanding but extremely exciting way of life. With my "new" career, beautiful wife Helena and young sons William and Edward, I must be the luckiest man alive. Just one more dream to fulfil now - my first sports car!

— Paul Phoenix, Kings Singers

  1 April   Le Petit Prince  [The Little Prince]
Le Petit Prince est une œuvre de langue française, la plus connue d'Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. Publié en 1943 à New York, c'est un conte poétique et philosophique sous l'apparence d'un conte pour enfants.
Le Petit Prince a été multi-adapter avec dans le rôle titre :
Adaptations phono-graphiques : 1954 Georges Poujouly (Fr), 1972 Éric Damain (Fr), 1973 Éric Rémy (Fr), 1978 Jean-Claude Millot (Fr), 1990 Benjamin Pascal (Fr), 1996 Martin Pensa (Québec).
Opéras, comédies musicales : 1964 (soviétique), 2002 Jeff (Fr), 2003 (USA), 2003 (De), 2004 Joseph McManners (Eng), 2008 Fr, 2008 Nils Kasch (Fr)
Films : 1966 (soviétique), 1970 Éric Damain (Fr), 1974 Steven Warner (USA), 1990 Alexandre Warner (Fr), 1990 (De), 1994 (Fr La Géode), 2002 Jeff (Fr), 2004 Joseph McManners (Eng)

  2 April Benjamin Lasnier   Benjamin Lasnier

  2 April Aaron Kelly   Aaron Kelly
Aaron was born and raised in Central Florida and is the youngest of three brothers. At age six, Aaron took the microphone at a family gathering and belted out "I Believe I Can Fly", his family was totally astonished. Aaron has continued to amaze the crowds of people who come to see him perform.

Aaron has opened concerts for Lovin Spoonful, Blue Suede Shoes w/Peter Tork, Bill Anderson, Aaron Tippin, Matt Mason, Loretta Lynn and Emerson Drive. He has also joined Charlie Daniels, Doug Gray Marshall Tucker Band, Martina McBride at their concerts to sing with them.

Aaron now resides in Sonestown, Pennsylvania, and Nashville, Tennessee. When he isn't in the studio recording his new demo or rehearsing for the next show you can find Aaron with his two horses or on the soccer field.

  3 April Claudio Deri   Claudio Deri
German pop/folk singer, active from 2003 to 2005. Released first album at age 13. Performed frequently on TV.

  3 April Lorin Wey   Lorin Wey
Lorin Wey was born on April 3, 1990 in Berne, Switzerland, to an American-Swiss musician couple, Peggy Wey-Ervin and Markus Wey. In 1994, he moved to Vienna, where his older brother, Terry, joined the Vienna Choir Boys. Lorin entered the kindergarten of the Vienna Choir Boys, and continued on to their primary school.

As a member of the choir, he sang various masses in the Imperial Chapel, and in Carmen in the Vienna State Opera. After a tour to Australia and New Zealand, he left the choir and enrolled in the Vienna Musikgymnasium (music high school). In 1999, Lorin played the boy Mozart in a Japanese film, with the conductor Charles Dutoit as Father Mozart.

  3 April Alessandro Juliani   Alessandro Juliani
Born in Montreal, Quebec, Juliani is an accomplished musician and actor. In addition to singing with the British Columbia Boys Choir, he is a graduate of McGill University with a Bachelor of Music in Vocal/Opera Performance. He is the son of producer, actor, and writer John Juliani, and Donna Wong-Juliani, who founded the Opera Breve in Vancouver.

He has starred in many acting roles, including on the shows "Battlestar Galactica," Death Note," and "Smallville."

  3 April   Wilbert van Iperen
Wilbert van Iperin werd op 3 april 1970 geboren te Hardinxveld-Giessendam. Als klein jongetje zong hij graag in het plaatselijk kinderkoor en viel daar op door zijn heldere kinderstem. Wilbert werd dan ook verschillende malen gevraagd om soli te zingen in kerkdiensten en op kerstconcerten, niet alleen in zijn eigen dorp maar ook in de directe omgeving.

Zijn platendebuut, een Jubileum LP van de Zondagsschool der N.H. Gemeente, werd op 11-jarige leeftijd gerealiseerd. Wilbert's eerste soloplaat als jongenssopraan werd in 1984 gemaakt en door deze LP kwam Wilbert in contact met de conzertzanger Pieter Vis uit Houten, die als zangpedagoog voor jongensstemmen een internationale faam geniet.

In Januari 1985 ontving hij zijn eerste zanglessen en na drie maanden werkte hij mee aan concert tesamen met Jeroen de Vaal, een jongenssopraan uit Lexmond. In het afgelopen seizoen zong Wilbert in verschillende concerten als altsolist en werkte hij aan diverse koorconcerten mee, o.a. bij de verenigde koren o.l.v. Martin Zonnenberg, het 'Menorah-koor' uit Papendrecht en het 'Rotterdams Jongenskoor'. In dec. 1985 zong Wilbert in diverse kerstconcerten in het land en als hoogtepunt in de Rotterdamse 'Doelen'. Wilbert combineert zijn hobby 'zingen' met zijn schoolopleiding (4e klas Mavo) van de Calvijnschool te Hardinxveld-Giessendam.

  3 April David García   David García
David García is a singer, dancer, and a actor. His love of music and dance began when he was given a compilation of Michael Jackson. In 2010 he was part of the musical "Forever Michael Jackson" and in 2011 he was part of the musicial "The Lion King". He currently is part of the group PARCHIS.

  4 April Martin Sturm   Martin Sturm
Martin Sturm sang with the St. Florianer Sängerknaben.

  4 April Austin Mahone   Austin Mahone  [Austin Carter Mahone]
Austin Carter Mahone (born April 4, 1996) is an American pop singer who became popular in 2011 due to viral videos of his performances. Mahone's debut single 11:11 was released on February 14, 2012. That same day he headlined his first proper concert at the Paramount Theatre in Aurora, Illinois.

Mahone first starting posting videos on YouTube with his friend Alex Constancio in June 2010. Music videos followed by January 2011, and he quickly began to build an online following. The young male singer has even been called the "second coming of Justin Bieber". Mahone's video covering Bieber's Mistletoe, released in late October 2011, became so popular that it eclipsed the views of Bieber's original.
In September 2011, Mahone debuted at No. 38 on the Billboard Social 50 chart, the youngest artist to appear on the list. He rose to No. 28 on the list as of December 2. And as of January 2012, Mahone has over 430,000 Twitter followers and 350,000 YouTube subscribers. Like previous teen heartthrobs, Mahone's growing fan base is dominated by teenage females. His fans have been dubbed "Mahomies.". He is inspired by Canadian Singer Justin Bieber.

  5 April Nicholas Allen   Nicholas Allen
Nicholas Allen was a member of the Calgary Boys Choir from 1996-2004, at which time he joined the Vienna Boys Choir. There he became a soloist. In december of 2004, he made his first solo album with different kinds of songs, including an accapella version of "o Canada". He is now finishing his last year there and will go back to Calgary in july of 2006.

  5 April   Alfred Schramek
Born on April 5, 1951 Sramek received his first musical education as a member of the Mozart Boys Choir.

  5 April   Rupert Johnston
Rupert was a chorister at Kings College Cambridge in the late 1980s.

Sadly Rupert was involved in a near fatal car accident in 1997 suffering serious head injuries and is now in a brain injury home in Aylesbury. Previously he was in the National Youth Orchestra and a Scholarship student at The Guildhall School of Music.

  5 April Gregor Lütje   Gregor Lütje  [Martin-Gregor Lütje]
Gregor was a soloist of the Tölzer Knabenchor in the early '80s. He is currently active in opera production.

1st soloist in "Tölzer Knabenchor"- five years of soloist singing under the baton of all important conductors of the time and at many of the important European music centres (Salzburg and Munich Festival, opera houses of Frankurt, Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Geneva etc.)

CD/ DVD productions (amongst others: Bach Christmas Oratorio – soprano arias with N. Harnoncourt (Universal), Purcell: Dido in "Dido and Aeneas" (broadcast by West German Television), Mozart: 2nd boy in "The Magic Flute" unter B. Haitink (EMI), TV- portrait for German State Television etc.)

text taken from www.luetjeartist.com

  6 April Oliver Ewy   Oliver Ewy
Ewy wurde als Sohn eines Geschäftsmannes und einer Kosmetikerin in Bonn am 06.04.1992 geboren. Bereits früh erkannte man bei Oliver die Beziehungen zur Musik. Mit 7 Jahren erlernte er sein erstes Instrument - das Klavier. Wenig später erlernte er die Gitarre und fand seine Gesangsstimme. Ab dem 10. Lebensjahr beteiligte er sich Aktiv in der Musikszene. In den nächsten Jahren erlernte er die wichtigsten Grundlagen, die durch Sprech- und Gesangsunterricht verstärkt wurden. Mit 14 Jahren hatte Oliver seinen ersten Musikproduzenten und den damit verbundenen Plattenvertrag. Dieser hielt allerdings nicht lange, da sich der Produzten in der Zeit darauf nicht ausgiebig um Oliver gekümmert hat. Mit 15 Jahren gründete er deswegen die Band doppelt so schlecht und agiert dort seither als Sänger. Mit seiner Band performte er bereits auf Bühnen und Festivals, auf denen zuvor schon Superstars wie DJ Ötzi oder Andrea Berg das Publikum zum kochen brachten. Als Musiker beteiligt sich Oliver auch als Solo-Künstler und als Komponist, wo er Musikstücke für Film & Fernsehen o.ä komponiert. Parallel zur Musik ist Oliver Ewy auch als Schauspieler unterwegs und leiht als Synchronsprecher diversen Produktionen seine Stimme.

  7 April   Philip Ay
Philip was a chorister with Thomanerchor Leipzig.

  7 April   Colin De Pelsmaker
Colin was chorister and soloist with Cantate Domino.

He was understudy for David Busschots in the role of 'Pinokkio' in the Flemish musical.

After a few more years as alto with the Schola Cantorum Cantate Domino ensemble Colin ended his active singing career.

  8 April Paul Miles-Kingston   Paul Miles-Kingston
At an early age, Paul sang in the choir of St Cross Chapel, and in January 1982 he won a choral scholarship into Winchester Cathedral Choir. While a chorister he sang many solos in services, broadcasts and oratorios; he toured Western Canada with the choir in 1982, and sang with them at the BBC Proms. He won several prizes as a chorister for his musical contribution at the Pilgrims' School, the Winchester Cathedral Choir school.

Paul achieved great success as treble soloist in Andrew Lloyd Webber's "Requiem", appearing with Sarah Brightman, Placido Domingo and the Winchester Cathedral Choir at the world premiere in New York and at the British premiere in Westminster Abbey. He was awarded a silver disc for the single "Pie Jesu", which reached number 3 in the charts, and also received gold and platinum discs for the album, which has sold over 400,000 copies.

In 1985 Paul sang twice at the Barbican Centre in London and also took part in Royal gala attended by the Queen in Edinburgh. Paul was Head Chorister of Winchester Cathedral from January to July 1985. He played the piano and the French horn, then he went as music scholar at Cranleigh public school.

Paul Miles-Kingston later became a professional opera singer. He now works at a school In North Yorkshire, St Peter's school, York, as a music teacher.

  8 April   Charly Lassine  [René Rulot]

  8 April Min Yongsuvimol   Min Yongsuvimol  [มิณทร์]
Min attending an international community school participated in the second season of the TV show "The Trainer" and won first place in the competition.
Soon after he got signed by RS Entertainment. Together with another artist (P.O.I.) he landed a first hit with the single "Connect" in April 2011.

  8 April Jacob Guay   Jacob Guay
Je suis né d'une famille de deux garçons dont je suis le plus jeune. J'ai 9 ans et je suis chanteur principalement. Je joue de la guitare, du piano et je fait du théâtre. Mes parents sont danseurs professionnels en danse sportive, alors, je suis né dans la musique. J'ai voyagé beaucoup avec eux et ils ont fait de la compétition pendant 25 ans. Ils auraient bien aimé que je devienne un danseur, mais mon rêve à moi, c'est de chanter et de devenir aussi populaire qu'Elvis.

J'ai commencé à chanter à l'âge de 4 ans sur scène. Oui!Oui! À l'âge de 4 ans! J'ai débuté avec mon grand frère en cours de groupe et j'étais très timide. Un jour, j'ai demandé à mon prof de chant : « Moi je veux chanter mais tout seul sur la scène! ».

Mes parents étaient très surpris de cela, vu que j'étais très réservé. Alors mon prof de chant a accepté et j'ai chanté "Trois petit cochons" de Dan Bigras, au Centre Marcel Dulude...

En novembre 2008 je serais en duo sur l'album de la grande chanteuse internationale Giorgia Fumanti. Et la toute dernière nouvelles j'ai signé mon premier contrat de disque avec la compagnie Orange Music,l'album a sorti le 21 Avril 2009 en magasin,c'est à surveiller.

J'adore chanter et je le fais avec mon cœur! Je suis un petit garçon qui profite pleinement de la vie et qui a beaucoup d'amis (surtout des filles que j'adore!) J'aime le hockey, le soccer, le tennis et je suis un fanatique de l'informatique. Je suis de nature réservé mais je suis fonceur et déterminé.

  8 April  Oakmoor   Oakmoor
Oakmoor is a young rock band from Germany. The band members are: Andi (age 11)-bass guitar, Beni (age 12)-guitar, Michi (age 11)-drums, and Simon (age 11)-guitar. They play cover songs by bands such as AC/DC, Guns 'N' Roses, Blur, and Deep Purple.

Update 2008: Oakmoor have composed own songs in the meantime. They are now 12-13 years old.

  9 April Jesse McCartney   Jesse McCartney
The first son to parents Ginger and Scot McCartney, Jesse Arthur McCartney was born on April 9, 1987, in New York City, New York. The oldest of three children, Jesse has one younger sister, Lea, and one younger brother, Timmy, the latter of whom he is very close to. Also raised in New York, a very young Jesse joined his parents performing on stage. (http://www.celebritywonder.com/html/jessemccartney_bio1.html). Jesse was member of the Sugar Beats and the boy band Dream Street.

Jesse made his big break in acting when he was two, staring in broadway shows like The King And I (Louis) and Oliver! (Oliver). He acted in movies such as The Pirates Of Central Park, Pizza, The Biggest Fan and most recently, Keith (2006). He was in the television show All My Children where he was nominated for a grammy for best youngest actor three times for his role as Adam Chandler Jr. He took home the grammy once. He most recently acted in the television show Summerland as Bradin.

Jesse's solo music career is also flourishing. After his debut album Jmac Ep(2003), which had the songs Beautiful Soul, Take Your Sweet Time and Don't You. He later released his album Beautiful Soul, re-releasing his songs Beautiful Soul and Take Your Sweet Time. That album later went multi-platinum in 2006. Most recently, he has released a new single, Right Where You Want Me, and will release the album of the same name later this year after the second single, Blow Your Minds, comes out.

His new album, Right Where You Want Me, contains songs such as Right Where You Want Me, Blow Your Mind, Right Back in the Water, and Daddy's Little Girl. It is a catchy album which has great tunes and lyrics. Jesse himself co-wrote every song on the album except for one, Feeling You. His new album is set to come out in the Summer of 2008. More news on his personal side, however, is such. Jesse split up with his long-time girlfriend Katie Cassidy, daughter of David Cassidy. Rumours about their breakup following the breakup tunes of his new album came through and was confirmed during the summer of 2007.

  9 April Christopher Romberg   Christopher Romberg
In 1991 Christopher Romberg won Finland's national childsinger contest named "Tenavatähti" or "Kidstar". The next year he played the title role in the musical "Oliver" at Svenska Teatern, Helsinki, Finland.

Nowadays he plays the drum with his two younger brothers Christer and Christo a band named Unity. They play Christian rock'n roll.

  9 April Jamie Redfern   Jamie Redfern
As a three year old, Jamie received ice creams as reward for singing to neighbours in the streets of Liverpool, England, where he was born. Not too many years later he had achieved almost every accolade imaginable and is still to this day introduced as one of Australia's favourite sons and a living legend!

Jamie's first stage appearance was in the production of Oliver at Her Majesty's Theatre in Melbourne. His first television experience came with his membership in Brian and the Juniors at the tender age of seven, which he chose in preference to a major role in the stage musical Mame. Jamie's unique style was immediately noticed in the show and appearances on Happening 70 and 71 were soon on offer. Musical comedy star Miss Evie Hayes was introduced to Jamie and realised his star quality was about to bloom. Under her early guidance jamie began in the Lewis Young Production of Young Talent Time in April '71, this time as the founding member of the six member team.

Later that same year Jamie won the Outstanding Newcomer Award at the TV Week King of Pop Awards and everybody sat up and took notice. One guset in particular took special notice, Liberace, who was so impressed with Jamie's polish and charisma that he arranged for Jamie to tour the USA and Canada as his special guest star. In January 1972 Jamie and his father left for America. Jamie appeared on major TV shows such as the David Frost Show, Mike Douglas Show and the Johnny Carson Tonight Show where he was asked back for four record breaking return appearances by public demand.

Liberace's conviction that young Jamie had star quality proved right. Over the next sixteen months, Jamie toured with "Uncle Lee" returning to the stage time and time again to standing ovations. Jamie's confidence grew along with the critical praise.

Jamie was on first name basis with such entertainment giants as Debbi Reynolds, Englebert Humperdink, Dianna Ross, Michael Jackson (who Jamie taught to play 10 pin bowling), Bob Hope, Mamma Cass, Ginger Rogers, Elvis Presley (who loaned Jamie the use of his limousine) and Bill Cosby with whom Jamie worked in Las Vegas in an impromptu 15 minute long comedy routine to the absolute delight of their captive and hysterical audience.

Jamie is now married with two daughters and is excited about his return to the stage to perform and share some of his wonderful experiences with some of the people he cares most about, his audience.

Jamie Redfern is also the director of the Australian Showbusiness Academy and hosts his own national top rating television show Jamie Redfern's Superkids which airs weekly on Foxtels Aurora channel 183.

Jamie is looking to return an updated version of Young Talent Time to Australian television and the major television networks interest in the project is quickly gathering momentum - stay tuned !!

10 April Lucas Shiomi   Lucas Shiomi  [BRFOLKS]
Lucas Shiomi, known just as Shiomi, is the leader of the brazilian band BRfolks, created in 2007. Born in 1989 in Santos, São Paulo, he entered to the world of the music when he was 14, when his cousin lent him a guitar and his mother payed him almost two years of classes. Some time before he got an electric guitar, and then a bass, and then a keyboard. In the year of 2006, Shiomi had already played in some projects in the school and was planing to get a band. More then one year only rehearsing, the formation of the band changed many times. The problem was the vocal. Many people sang in the band, but that was never good. By the time, Shiomi was the guitarrist and sometimes played the bass and the keyboars. So he finally realized that HE was the best person to sing his songs. In the middle of 2008, BRfolks had their first show. Today, the official formation of BRfolks is: Shiomi (vocal) Danilo Feijó (e. guitar) Murilo Nogueira (e. guitar) Guilherme Tavares 'Guita' (bass) Artur Canasiro (drums) www.purevolume.com/brfolksoficial www.myspace.com/brfolks

10 April  Andy   Andy  [Andy Samyn]
Andy is the kid brother of Jimmy Samyn, one of the members of the succesful Belgian boyband 'Get Ready'. Ever since his brother started the band, he has been dreaming of a singing career.

In March 1998 he published his first single 'Boem, boem, boem' and it immediately became a number one hit. Following singles were 'Oscar Superstar', 'Ik heb een boontje...' and 'Gebroken hart'.

11 April   Jonathan Seyghal
Singing with the Saint Paul's Cathedral Choir from 1989 - 1993, Jonathan sang on several Hyperion recordings and was a soloist on the 'Saint Paul's Christmas Concert' album.

11 April Dani Fernández   Dani Fernández
Dani was born in Alcazar de San Juan (Ciudad Real) He participated in the 2006 JESC from Spain, and he finished in fourth position. Nowadays he is preparing his first single "los tiempos pasan".

11 April   Aksel Rykkvin

11 April   Matthew Sommers
Matthew was a soloist with Calgary Boys Choir.

12 April   Hugh Brunt
Hugh Brunt's musical career began as a chorister at St. George's Chapel, Windsor Castle, where he sang soprano from 1997 to 1999. Whilst at Windsor, Hugh sang in the choir at the wedding of Prince Edward. At Radley College, Hugh progressed on to become a composer with The National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain under Paul Patterson and developed his interest in conducting. At present, Hugh is studying music at New College, Oxford on a choral scholarship.

Hugh's works have been performed in venues such as the Royal Northern College of Music, Manchester; the Holywell Music Room; Christ Church Cathedral, Oxford and, more recently, Blurred for chamber orchestra, was premiered at The Lake District Summer Music Festival by The National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain Sinfonietta. Absentia, written for the pianist Cordelia Williams, recieved it's first performance at The Sage, Gateshead as part of the BBC Young Musician of the Year 2006.

Winner of the Orlando Composition Prize 2006, Hugh's Nunc Dimittis received it's first performance from the Choir of Christ Church Cathedral, Oxford, conducted by Stephen Darlington. As conductor of the newly formed Oxford New Orchestra, Hugh's concerts have included performances of the Shostakovich Cello Concerto No.1 with Oliver Coates, Beethoven Symphony No.7, Arvo Pärt's Cantus in Memoriam Benjamin Britten. Hugh was recently appointed conductor of the Oxford University Philharmonia.

12 April Konrad Heindl   Konrad Heindl
Konrad Heindl was a chorister with the Wiener Sängerknaben for five years. He loved to sing Lieder by Franz Schubert. At the Mondial Choral Festival in Laval, Montreal he performed as main soloist of the choir's programme.
Konrad was member of the Bruckner-Chor for four years before he left the Vienna Boys choir in summer 2009.

12 April  Nando de Marco   Nando de Marco  [(Paolella Ferdinando)]
Jeune chanteur napolitain.

13 April Ashley White   Ashley White  [Ash White]
Ashley White began singing in 1977 at the age of nine. He had title role's in New Zealand Shoestring Opera productions in Christchurch: Menotti's Amahl and the Night Visitors and Britten's The Little Sweep. Ashley was a leading chorister and guest soloist for many Christchurch choirs and vocal groups. He gave regular recitals for Radio New Zealand's local Concert Programme and National Programme, "New Zealanders to the Fore" and television appearances.

After the breaking of his voice, Ashley continued his music career singing as a baritone with the New Zealand National Youth Choir. He then turned to commercial composition, co-writing and singing the 1990 World Youth Festival theme song, "Unite In 1990". After graduating from the University of Canterbury with a B.Com, he spent a year working as a sound engineer in New Zealand's largest recording studio at the time, Stebbings Recording Studios, in Auckland. In 1992 Ashley traveled to England and set up an independent record company called Zeus Records Ltd, with fellow musician, Darren Elliot King (Dek). The company continues to this day specializing in the composition and in-house production of both classical crossover, and pop music. Musical contemporaries of Ashley's school days include the bass/baritone opera singer, Teddy Tahu Rhodes, where they both attended Medbury School, and the Bass/Baritone opera singer, Paul Whelan, from Burnside High School.

13 April Paul-Johannes Kirschner   Paul-Johannes Kirschner
Paul-Johannes was a member of the Dresdner Kreuzchor. He was recorded for the Archiv-CD at a Christmas Concert in 2000 with three titles. At this time he was one of the best boy sopranos of the choir. Later he was the prefect of the choir. After finishing school he studied conducting and piano at the conservatory in Dresden. He is now working as Solorepetitor and director of the Youth Choir at the State Theater in Oldenburg

13 April   Mapili Talakai  [Tevita Mapilivai Tresvaunt Talakai]
Mapili is a talented boy he lives in New Zealand and his favourite composers are Mozart Vivaldi and Rosseni and singers are cecilia Bartoli and Pavarotti.

13 April   Nikita Kiosse  [Никита Киоссе]
A talented young singer with a powerful voice who got into his country's national finals for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2012. Nikita also made a successful appearance on the Ukrainian version of the casting show 'The Voice'.
Besides singing he plays the guitar, the piano and saxophone. Apart from music he is a vivid dancer, who enjoys taking part in dancing competitions.

13 April Moritz Gabriel   Moritz Gabriel
Moritz Gabriel was a chorister with the Wiener Sängerknaben.

14 April Derk Alblas   Derk Alblas
Derk Alblas was born on 14 april 1992 in Alblasserdam, The Netherlands. When he was ten years old, he became a member of the Stadsknapenkoor Gorichem.

He had a great treble voice and many people said: He's an angel! Unfortunately, he lost his treble-voice, but a miracle came true. He have a counter-tenor-voice.

At the moment, he is practicing for a Christmas concert. For more information about concerts, view his internet page: derkalblas.hyves.nl

14 April Štĕpán Klouček   Štĕpán Klouček
Treble soloist with Boni Pueri.

14 April Zé Henrique   Zé Henrique

15 April  Pellervo Boys Choir   Pellervo Boys Choir  [Хор мальчиков «Пеллерво»]
The Boys Choir Pellervo, originally founded at the Palace of Pioneers of Petrozavodsk in April 1963, was revived in September 2001. It's name relates to the Karelian-Finnish epic "Kalevala" Pellervo. A main educational task of the choir is the teaching of singing and listening.

The choir, based in Petrozavodsk (capital of the Republic of Karelia) has two groups, one for boys aged 5-7, which develops their musical abilities and one for boys aged 7-12, which puts emphasize on their vocal development.

The choir has taken part in choir festivals abroad and won prices at various choral competitions in different countries, notably a first price in Germany and the Grand Prix at the Battle of the choirs in the city of Pushkin, Russia in 2014. Director of the choir is Oksana Mitrukova.

15 April Brandur Enni   Brandur Enni  [Helgason]
From Tvøroyri in the Faroe Islands, Brandur Enni has a smooth voice and great musical backing on his "Waiting in the Moonlight" album. With titles like "Dance the Funky Cha Cha," there should be no surprises here. It's all pop, but with a great voice and lively songs it's worth a listen. Besides, when was the last time you heard songs sung in Faroese?

Brandur's second album is sung entirely in English. As of spring 2007, 19 year old Brandur was in Sweden working on a new album.

16 April  Ikhwal   Ikhwal  [Ikhwal Hafiz Ismail]

16 April Jimmy Osmond   Jimmy Osmond
Jimmy Osmond was born in Canoga Park, California, and is the youngest member of the famous Osmond family. He performed occasionally with his siblings, but his solo career had already started by the time he was seven when he was awarded a gold record for a song he recorded for a Japanese single, "My Little Darling." That same year, he was named Japan's "Male Vocalist of the Year." He recorded his first album "Killer Joe" when he was nine. As a solo artist, Jimmy has accumulated six gold records, one platinum record, and two gold albums.

Jimmy also sang the theme song for the animated television cartoon classic, "Yes, Virginia, There is a Santa Claus" in 1974.

17 April  Noni   Noni  [Noni Rãzvan Ene]
Noni is a pupil at "Dinu Lipatti" music highschool in Bucharest, where he studies classic guitar and piano. He took Fourth place at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2004.

17 April Paulie Litt   Paulie Litt  [Paul Litowsky]
Paulie acted in the feature film "Speed Racer" (Warner Brothers 2008), performed in a few television shows and has been featured in several national TV commercials.
Currently the 12-year-old is in the recording studio working with different record producers and songwriters.
He has appeared on various radio shows by Disney.

17 April  Damien   Damien  [Dos Santos Damien]
Damien had a long career with only a small amount of songs. He recorded several singles from 1981 through 1984, all contained in one mini-LP. He later released additional singles, one as "Damien et Deborah" where he sang with his sister.

17 April Philipp Mosch   Philipp Mosch
Soloist of the Tölzer Knabenchor

18 April Alexey Zhigalkovich   Alexey Zhigalkovich  [Алексей Жигалкович]
Alexei Zhigalkovich, born in Minsk, was selected to be the Belarusian representative of the international Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2007. He performed as 17th, crowning the contest. Alexei presented his song "With Friends" which brought victory for him in the national junior contest "Song for Eurovision" where the Belarusian TV audience and the professional jury voted for Alexei.

Alexei performed in several international singing contests including "Golden Zecchin" (Italy, 2005, silver medal), "Slavonic Bazaar in Vitebsk" (2006, second place), and "Constellation of Hopes" (laureate). He has also participated in plays at the State Music Theater.

Eurovision Junior 2007 held on December 8 in Rotterdam, Netherlands was broadcast on First TV Channel and internationally by the TV channel "Belarus-TV" via satellite.

18 April Joey Gaydos Jr.   Joey Gaydos Jr.
Joey Gaydos Jr. started playing guitar at age 9 and first came to public attention playing the 11 year old guitarist "Zack" in the movie School of Rock. Since then he has toured the world performing for audiences everywhere and at age 13, he released his debut CD. Besides guitar, Joey handles all vocals, mandolin, and keyboards. In 2005, he formed The Joey Gaydos Group.

19 April Luis Miguel   Luis Miguel
Luis Miguel was born in Puerto Rico during a very brief stay in the island by his parents, but his home has always been Mexico. He is the only Latino artist to have two Spanish language albums go platinum in the USA. He has earned three Grammys and a total of 34 Platinum Records throughout South and Central America.

20 April Nazar Slyusarchuk   Nazar Slyusarchuk
Nazar was born in the town of Zalischyky, Ukraine on 20th of April, 1992. He started vocal training at 8 years old and had to travel regulary to his vocal coach in Ternopil which is located 130 km away from Nazar's hometown. He already has experience of performances at contests: Chornomorskie igry, Tavriyskie igry, Moloda Galichyna, Bukovinska zironka and others. He likes to take care of his youngest brother and his dog named Linda. His favourite singers are Dima Bilan and Tina Karol, and he dreams to sing a duet with Tina whom he supported during Eurovision 2006.

20 April Federico Inganni   Federico Inganni
Federico was participant of the Italian TV show "Ti Lascio una canzone 2010"

20 April Alexandru   Alexandru  [Alexandru Gros Grindvoll]
Alexandru Gros Grindvoll was born in a small town in Norway on April 20, 1999. Alexendru is everything you look for in a new young artist. This Eleven year old sports a charming smile, great looking hair, fantastic personality and amazing vocal skills. After being spotted by the producer from Stormbreaker Inc. on YouTube, followed up by short audition video of Alexandru singing "Price Tag", Alexandru and family flew out to London, England to record two songs and create some promotional videos. He has recorded a couple songs and he continues to shine through the scene and is planning to release a debut album through the producer Stormbreaker through Stormbreaker, Inc. Alexandru is beginning a great journey and he desires you all come along for what is sure to be an exciting ride!

21 April   Marcus Ritschel
Markus Ritschel was a member of the Dresdner Kreuzchor in the ninetees. He now sings in the a-capella-group "arcanum musicae" which was founded by former members of the choir.

21 April  Michael Junior   Michael Junior  [Michael Verschuere]
Michael lives in Bruges (Belgium), and has 1 brother and 6 sisters. His talent was discovered by singer Helmut Lotti after attending one of his concerts and he soon joined him on his "Helmut Lotti Goes Classic" tour. Between 1999 and 2001, Michael performed more than 200 live concerts across Europe, South Africa, and North America.

21 April  Princeton   Princeton

21 April   Ben German
Ben German is a former Head Chorister at Ely Cathedral for the 2006-2007 period. He has been in two recordings with the Ely Cathedral Choir, The Ely Tradition: Volume 1 and Full of Wills!

21 April  Mees   Mees

22 April Matt Ballinger   Matt Ballinger

22 April Christian Fourcade   Christian Fourcade
Débute au cinéma à 5 ans. Il joue notamment aux côtés de Bing Crosby "le petit garçon perdu". Dans ce film, il chante une chanson "Le petit amiral".

Dit "le petit Baigneur de la Radio", il débute à l'âge de 8 ans en chantant dans les émissions de Jean Nohain, tout en participant à des concours de chant pour enfants. Il enregistre aussitôt six titres chez Scoladisc (série enfantine des Editions du Cep Beaujolais) et tourne ses premiers films, notamment "The Little Boy Lost" avec Bing Crosby en 1952, film pour lequeil il recevra une médaille et un diplôme aux Etats-Unis. Il grave quelques 78 tours Odéon à partir de 1949, dont "Vivent les papas", son grand succès.

22 April Vladimir Torsuev   Vladimir Torsuev  [Владимир Торсуев]
Vladimir Torsuyev played the main character and sang in a famous Soviet children's movie-musical from 1979, "Adventures of the Electronic" ("Priklyucheniya Elektronika"). He co-starred with his twin brother Yuri.

22 April Jakob Wilhjelm Poulsen   Jakob Wilhjelm Poulsen
Eleven year old Danish actor Jakob Wilhjelm Poulsen starred in the film "Far til Fire" where he sings in a rock band.

23 April Enno von Koss   Enno von Koss  [Enno-Moritz]
Enno is a soprano, member of the Tölzer Knabenchor.
As a soloist, he sang:
- in Roma, the first italian premiere of Atlantis composed and directed by Per Eotvos (April 2007),
- in Paris, das klagende Lied by Mahler under the direction of Esa-Pekka Salonen (December 2008).
Enno was choosen to be the soloist in the soundtrack of the movie "Die Päpstin" by Sönke Wortmann, music by Marcel Barsotti (October 2009).

24 April Trevor Hindmarch   Trevor Hindmarch  [Michael Trevor Hindmarch]
Trevor was a singer on Australia TV's Young Talent Time.

Nationality is English. Born Bishop Auckland County Durham U.K. Now Director of Wincirca Pty Ltd. wincirca.com.au

24 April   Claude Dubois
Born in Montreal, Claude (André) Dubois began his career at the age of 12 in the country-western band Les Montagnards, recording the country-inspired LP "Claude Dubois et Ses Montagnards."

24 April  Boulou   Boulou  [Boulou Ferré]
Boulou Ferré was born in Paris on the 24th of April 1951 and has gypsy origin. He started his musical studies at the age of seven with his father, Pierre Matelot Ferré, one of the main musicians of Django Reinhardt's and Stéphane Grappelli's Quintette du Hot Club de France. Along with the study of jazz guitar he starts to study classical guitar with Francisco Gil and gives a first concert at the Guimet Museum at the age of eight.

Besides Boulou plays guitar he singing skat-style.
Few next lines quote from back-side of Boulou's first album FCS-4211

Boulou, nephew of the late, great quitarist, Django Reinhardt, was born in Paris 13 years ago. He "discovered" jazz when he heard hte Dizzy Gillespie recording of "Oop Bop Sh'Bam" when he was 5 old. When Boulou was 7 his father, "Matelot" Ferre, one of the fine guitarist in France, began to teach him. Before long, Boulou was able to sing along with the Gillespie and other jazz racordings.

Boulou's musical memory is already prodigious and he has learned, by heart, some of the best improvisations of the great jazzmen. His idols are Dizzy Gillespie, Charles Ventura, Cannonball Adderley and guitarist Django Reinhardt, Wes Montgomery and Tal Farlow. Listed among his favorite vocalists are Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Charles Aznavour, Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughan and Nana Mouskouri.

We believe you will be thrilled and excited when you hear what this 13 year old boy can do, because you will be listening to the music of a mature jazz musician, along with the pick of France's jazzmen.

The great French artists salute BOULOU:

Michel Legrand:
Should one be willing to run the risk of allowing children to plunge into the "adult" world? ...Well, when the one we have in mind is a person whose musicianship is instinctive like that of BOULOU and when it appears at the age of 13-which is something to make your head spin--and when you realize that chances are he will play twice as well when he gats to be 26... there is a risk worth takeing, I say."

Gilbert Becaud:
When music meet a child it is something like a marriage bond between a tiny flower and a butterfly. I am happy at the thought that all his life long, BOULOU will have music as his refuge. The two of them are so well matched!"

Sacha Distel:
My dear Boulou--As one of your colleagues, I can't rid myself of the temptation to say to you that I wish I were your age and knew what I know now. What irks me only is that you already know now more than I do. You've got it made all right--and there are at least one hundred years ahead of you.

25 April Jaron Natoli   Jaron Natoli
Jaron Natoli is an award-winning 16-year-old Singer/Songwriter from Melbourne, Australia. He released his first album at the age of ten and has recorded three more since. In 2012 Jaron finished top fifteen in the prestigious International Songwriting Competition's 'Teen Category' and received an honourable mention. The following year he won the UK Songwriting Contest for best Pop & Rock song. This was the first time that anybody had won two different categories in the history of the competition. After winning the competition Jaron was featured on Australian TV, he appeared on Channel 7's 'Today Tonight' program. Later in 2014 he won the UK Songwriting Contest again, this time for best RnB/Urban song. Jaron has a very unique voice and style, his musical abilities are way beyond his years.

25 April Graham Payn   Graham Payn  [Graham Payne]
Graham Payn was born in Johannesburg, South Africa in 1918 . He had been taught piano from an early age and his teacher found that he had a good singing voice. He started entering competitions and by the age of about eleven had won three singing competitions in a row.

In 1932, when he was fourteen Graham went to the Adelphi Theatre to audition for Noel Coward's new review, Words and Music. 'I knew I wouldn't get long to audition on stage so I sang Nearer my God to Thee and did a tap dance at the same time! Noel was sitting in the stalls and said ''We must have that boy in the show''. So that's how I got into Words & Music.'

-- Bio and picture from Betterland.boychoirs.org

Graham was born at Pietermaritzburg, in Natal, South Africa, (according to the long obituary in The Times [London], 8 Nov. 2005), and he was educated there, and privately in England. He started out at the age of 13 as Curly in Peter Pan at the London Palladium, progressing to films as a boy soprano in 1932 when he was 14. (For his theatrical career as an adult please see the obituary.) He died in Switzerland on 4 Nov. 2005, aged 87.

25 April Phillip Watkins   Phillip Watkins
Phillip Watkins was a farmer's son who lived at Trecastell, Breconshire. Yet this lovely voice has travelled far afield from this beautiful corner of Wales. When a listener from Washington D.C. to an overseas programme from the BBC Cardiff heard his rendering of 'Oh for the wings of a Dove' (Mendelssohn) he hastened to write—'In all my life I have never heard a finer voice—it has moved me more than I can tell in words'.

Phillip started his career at the age of three, when he sang at the local Independent Chapel, Saron, where his mother was the organist. He and his elder brother Elved won many prizes in local Eisteddfodau as duettists. Eventually Phillip emerged as a boy treble, and began his serious competitive career at the age of eight. Today one can count a hundred and twenty eight cups glittering in the glass cupboard at Castell Du Farm, his home, not to mention his medals and shields. He won twice at the Urdd Eisteddfod, but perhaps his most prized possession is the trophy which he won at the Royal National Eisteddfod, Flint, in 1969, when he sang Benjamin Britten's The Plough Boy'. When one adds all this to his concert work, his recordings and his Radio and T.V. performances one cannot but marvel at this achievement from a boy of fifteen.

His first major concert was at Tabernacle, Morriston, in the company of operatic stars John Lawrenson, Victoria Elliot and the Morriston Tabernacle Choir conducted by Alun John. This was quickly followed by his appearance as a soloist, with combined choirs of 500 voices, at the Brangwyn Hall, Swansea. Subsequently, he enthralled 7,000 people at the Royal Albert Hall in a St. David's Day concert staged by the London Welsh Association. The Royal Opera House, Covcnt Garden, invited Phillip to sing seven performances as the shepherd boy in the opera Tosca'. Unfortunately, Phillip had to decline this invitation due to school examinations.

He has appeared on Yorkshire T.V. with Harry Secombe in 'Stars on Sunday' and has featured in numerous BBC Wales programmes such as 'Telewele', Disc a Dawn, New o'r Ncwvdd, and Wales Today for World Service Radio.

Phillip's first long playing disc was made at the Royal Albert Hall in November 1969, with the Royal Choral Society in a selection of Christmas Carols and conducted by Wyn Morris.

The mature quality of his voice and his 'extreme professionalism', to quote one noble critic, united to make him one of the greatest boy soloists.

26 April Freddie James   Freddie James
Chanteur américain de soul-funk.

26 April Felix and Petra Jarrar   Felix and Petra Jarrar
Felix Jarrar started playing piano at age 2. At age 5 he started composing music. At 8 he was honored by the state of Connecticut for his muical composition. Composer of New age, Classical,and Gospel Piano music. Petra is felix's little sister who is also a fabulous pianist.

On December 26, 2004 they came up with a plan to help the Children Victims of the Tsunami and Children in Sudan by recording a CD and using the funds to build orphanages for these needy children. We the Jarrar family of Felix and Petra have already sold almost 150 CD's. Twelve of the 15 songs on the CD have been composed by Felix Jarrar himself.

Email Address: FelixandPetraJarrar@hotmail.com Mailing Address: 745 Mill Plain Rd. Fairfield CT. 06824 USA

26 April  Windsbacher Knabenchor   Windsbacher Knabenchor
First founded by Hans Thamm in 1946 and taken over by Karl-Friedrich Beringer in 1978, the Windsbacher Knabenchor has evolved over the decades into what The Windsbach Boys Choir is a German choir of boys and young men in Windsbach, Germany.

Founded in 1946 by Hans Thamm (he was a member of the Dresden Kreuzchor under Rudolf Mauersberger) und since 1978 under the direction of Karl-Friedrich Beringer, the choir is one of the most renowned boys choirs of the world. The choir is an institution of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Bavaria, which raises about 30 percent of the funds required to support both the ensemble and the singers boarding school.

The choirs repertoire spans all kinds of disciplines from a cappella to great oratoric masterpieces, such as the Messias by Händel or the Elijah by Mendelssohn Bartholdy.

With about 70 singers, the choir conducts about 50 concerts per year. This includes going on tour once or twice per year to locations such as other European countries, the Middle East, Far East, the USA and South America. The choir also accompanied the Presidents of Germany Richard von Weizsäcker and Roman Herzog on their state visits and held a concert for Johannes Rau.

At school, the young singers are specially supported in so called "choir classes" of the external grammar school "Johann-Sebastian-Bach-Gymnasium". This allows for more flexibility in responding to the special needs of the singers. The musical education at the boarding school also includes voice training, music theory and of course the daily rehearsals.

In order to ensure proper delivery of homework and absorption of curriculum content, the younger grades are obliged to attend a daily "study time" at the boarding school. Depending on the proficiency level of an individual student, special enhancement classes are offered by teachers of the grammar school. The purpose of this offer is to enable students to catch up on subject matters they missed due to absence or class cancellations which result from tours or additional rehearsals in preparation of important performances.

The Windsbacher Knabenchor has been recording with Rondeau Production for over 25 years. "Simply the best. The sound is crisp, fresh and sharply delineated – and the intonation is perfect too." That was how the Münchner Merkur once described the Windsbacher Knabenchor. Fono Forum once described the choir as "Germany's leading boys' choir". The Frankfurter Rundschau once went even further, claiming that the choir was "the best" of its kind in Germany and "perhaps even in Europe. Certainly a choir with which no other boys' choir on earth (...) can compete."

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

26 April Seva Tarasov   Seva Tarasov  [Vsevolod]
Vsevolod Tarasov is a member of Russian pop group Volshebniki Dvora. He has been known for being one of the main singers of the group along with Vladislav Krutskikh, Sergey Korolev, Maria Pestunova, and Denis Uskov. He is currently along with Maria Pestunova the last of the original group Vlad is the main singer but joined the group of Vladislav Geshele, Denis Uskov, and Vsevolod Tarasov. He has been singing since he was 10 years old.

28 April Maximilian Thom   Maximilian Thom
Maximilian Thom ia a member of the Dresdner Kreuzchor since 2007. In 2008 and 2010 he sung as a Soloist in Schütz "Musikalische Exequien". He is singing a Solo at Track 2 of the CD "Kreuzchorvespern - Uns ist ein Kind geboren" which was recorded in March 2009 and at Track 4 of the CD "Kreuzchorvespern - Erstanden ist der heilige Christ" which was recorded in 2010. In 2011 he was singing several Solos from Mauersberger and the "Abendsegen" from Humperdink. In 2010 and 2011 he was also singing a Solo in the St Matthew Passion of J.S.Bach. Maximilian is also singing one of the "Drei Knaben" in the Magic Flute at the Semper Opera Dresden.

28 April Connor Blackley   Connor Blackley
Connor Blackley is an 11 year-old singer, who sings mostly country and jazz, but also sings some pop, Christian, and some oldies. He started singing in the children's choir at his church when he was 6 years-old and then starting singing solos, which led to doing fairs and benefits. You can listen to his music on his myspace page @ www.myspace.com/connorblackley

28 April Bob Offenberg   Bob Offenberg

28 April   Gerben van Dienst
Gerben joined the Stadsknapenkoor Gorcum in 1992.

29 April Alekseï Tsvetkov   Alekseï Tsvetkov  [Алексей ЦВЕТКОВ]
Fr : Diminutifs : Alekseïka, Alyochen'ka, Alyocha, Lyocha, Lyora... Surnom : Robik
Soliste du groupe Robinzon 7, il y est également claviériste et participe aux chœurs.
Premier prix à de nombreux concours ou festivals (parfois plusieurs fois) : "Coq d'or", "Dômes d'or", "Marches magiques", "Hit parade Five+", "Festival de la chanson militaire", "Cylindre d'or", "Samedi Demetrius", ... seul ou avec le groupe. Lauréat du festival international "Les Arts pour la paix" à Sotchi. Lauréat du concours "Jeune pianiste virtuose". Grand Prix du concours national "Jeunes voix" en novembre 2011.
A représenté (en solo) la Russie au "Bazar slave" 2009 à Vitebsk. Finaliste de la sélection russe de l'Eurovision junior 2008 et 2009.
Étudiant (plusieurs prix) en piano classique.
Participation à son premier album collectif : 2008.
Premier album solo : début 2010.

Eng : Diminutive : Alexeyka, Alioshen'ka, Aliosha, Liosha, Liora… Nickname : Robik
Soloist group Robinzon 7, he is also a keyboardist and backing vocals part.
First prize in numerous competitions and festivals (sometimes several times) : "The Golden Cockerel", "Golden Domes", "Magic stairs", "Hit Parade Five +", "Military song", "gold cylinder", "Saturday Dimitrius", ... alone or with the group. Winner of 1st degree in the international festival "The Arts for Peace" in Sochi. Winner of 1st degree to the contest "Young pianists virtuoso". First Price of national competition " Young voices " in November, 2011.
Represented (solo) Russia to "Slavic Bazaar" 2009 in Vitebsk. Finalist selection of Russian Junior Eurovision 2008 and 2009.
Student (some prize) in classical piano.
Participation in his first collective album: 2008.
First solo album in early 2010.

Ru : Уменьшительные слова : Алексейка, Алёшенька, Алёша… Прозвище : Робик
Солист-вокалист группы "Робинзон 7", а также клавишник и бэк-вокал.
Первый приз в многочисленных конкурсах и фестивалях: "Золотой петушок", "Золотые купола", "Волшебные ступени", "Хит-парад Five +", "Красноармейской песни", "золотой цилиндр", "Димитртиевская суббота", … в одиночку или с группой. Лауреат 1 степени "Искусство во имя мира" город Сочи. Лауреат 1 степени - "Юный виртуоз-пианист". Гран-При II Всероссийский вокальный конкурс молодых исполнителей эстрадной песни.
Представлял (соло) Россию на "Славянский базар" 2009 в Витебске. Финалист Отбора на Детское Евро в России в 2008 году и в 2009.
Учится игре на классическом фортепиано.
Участие в первом коллективном альбоме: 2008.
Первый сольный альбом в начале 2010 года.

29 April   Lex Macdonald
Lex Macdonald is from Dunedin, New Zealand. Already well known in New Zealand, he was sponsored to have his voice recorded but had to go to Sydney as the resources were not in New Zealand. The twelve 78rpm sides Lex recorded in Sydney in 1932 at the age of 15 carried his voice to an even wider public.

On his return, Lex undertook a nationwide concert tour, retiring at the end of it when his voice changed. He later continued singing as a baritone in choirs and as a soloist but never took it up as a fulltime occupation. In 1954 he was a soloist with the New Zealand National Symphony Orchestra in a Royal Concert given before Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh.

Lex died on the 11th October 2010 aged 93. His funeral started with his recording of "Hark, Hark the Lark".

30 April Anthony Gargiula   Anthony Gargiula
At only 12 years old, Anthony Gargiula is quickly becoming respected as a genuine talent amidst the flood of recording artists hitting the airwaves – not to mention, the Internet – almost daily. His new album, entitled "Finally Done," proves that he has an impressive set of pipes – especially for such a young vocalist. His smash track "Game Over" is sure to be just the beginning of a long successful career in music.

Having started singing at two years old, the New York State native took second place in a national Radio Disney competition and he hasn't looked back since. His big break came in April 2007 with the posting of a YouTube video. The unforgettable video of 7-year-old Gargiula singing the national anthem generated more than 4.4 million views on pure word-of-mouth buzz, making him an overnight sensation. This excitement landed Gargiula multiple national appearances on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and The Today Show as well as opening act opportunities for national headliners The Jonas Brothers and Lady Antebellum. He has been a fixture around the country, singing the national anthem at major sporting events, most notably the National Baseball Hall Of Fame Induction and the Belmont Stakes.

Two-and-a-half years after the posting of that infamous YouTube video, Anthony's uncle connected with music executive William Middlebrooks, who was blown away by Anthony's natural singing talent. Middlebrooks had Anthony and his father Rich come to Los Angeles for a recording test with multi-platinum and Grammy Award-winning producer Bradley Spalter (O-Town, Vanessa Hudgens) and industry mainstay vocal producer Lex (LL Cool J, Boys II Men). It was clear after the first session that Anthony was already a pro.

Middlebrooks had his team immediately go to work recording a cutting edge project during which Anthony proclaims to the world "age ain't nothing but a number." His team believes that age does not define nor confine a genuinely talented person. They are confident that Gargiula's talent combined with his swagger and his spunky personality will make him appealing to fans of all ages. "The older crowd loves Anthony because his music and personality are real, cool and family friendly. His peers love his music because it's relevant and speaks their language," says Middlebrooks.

Writing songs around the house with his older brother Louis, playing the piano for the last five (5) years and most recently filming two episodes in a new television show "The Wannabes," Anthony has become a quadruple threat (singer, songwriter, musician and actor). A volcano of pure artistic talent waiting to erupt, Anthony Gargiula will clearly be a force in the entertainment universe for years to come on many different levels. A pop icon in the making, Anthony is just getting started and the best is yet to come!

30 April Nehemiah Deason   Nehemiah Deason  [Nehemiah Chase Deason]

30 April Ronald Dunn   Ronald Dunn
The "choir boy" Ronald Dunn who recorded a commercial test for Decca in June 1933 was born in Talbot Street, Manchester. He became a chorister of Manchester Cathedral Voluntary Choir and won both the Wildman Cup (Solo Singing for Boys Under 14) in 1931 & 1932 and the Lomax Cup (Solo Singing for Choir Boys) for three years in succession (1930-31-32) at the Blackpool Musical Festivals held in October each year. He married in 1941, became a school master and died at Preston on 26 July 1972. (BJP)

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