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  Christopher Duffley    (b. 19 Mai 2001) Gospel/Evangelic Soloist 
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Christopher Duffley Christopher Duffley is a 11 year old Blind and Autistic Musician. He loves to praise the Lord in music and sing the Star Spangled Banner among other classic songs. Christopher first NH public singing was in 2009 during a Memorial Day assembly at Northwest Elementary (thanks Mrs. Park!!). Since then he has sung the national anthem at so many places now, it's hard to keep track. Hockey, Football, Baseball, Gala's, Las Vegas, Boston and most notably, the Boston Red Sox on July 7, 2011 and the New Hampshire Motor Speedway in September of 2011. Christopher looks forward to singing with his friends from around the US at Eight Days of Hope (a disaster relief organization in the US). He especially loves to sing with Mr. Terry Pickens. Christopher has sang publicly at Soulfest (2010) http://www.youtube.com/user/ChristopherDuffley#p/u/0/MJkKc-m9Qk4 with christian music artists Paul Colman and Matt Maher (to whom we are forever grateful). http://www.youtube.com/user/ChristopherDuffley#p/u/1/JqwSDy1jgTE Paul Colman invited Christopher to sing at both his recent concerts in 2010. http://www.youtube.com/user/ChristopherDuffley#p/u/7/Hy4bE8GSmZM He has also sung with Brian Waldron and his band Glenridge on several occassions. (Thanks Brian!!) To see videos check out his Youtube page. Christopher is a student at Northwest Elementary School, member of Ste. Marie Church and active in Eight Days of Hope. The development of his musical talents has come from many Christian artists, family influences, Mrs. Park at Northwest Elementary, Ms. Shannon Laine of the Manchester Community Music School and his piano teacher, Mrs. Lawrence. To learn more about young Christopher visit his Website and like him on Facebook.
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Christopher Duffley - Open the Eyes of My Heart
Christopher Duffley sings Open the Eyes of My Heart in NH
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Christopher Duffley - Open the Eyes of My Heart (Live in NH)
Open the Eyes of My Heart (Live in NH) (Harry Fox Agency 521126418, MP3 Single) April 2012
Featuring Christopher Duffley  
  1.   Open the Eyes of My Heart (Live in NH)  
Available at   iTunes
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