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  Jordan Jansen    (b. 12 März 1998) Celebrating 20 Years This Month Musical Soloist 
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Jordan Jansen Jordan has won a total of 89 Trophies in song and dance to date. A few of the highlights:
He won the Pines Idol, junior winner 15 years and under in 2006 and recieved $1000 and a trophy nearly heavier than he is!! Then in 2007 he won the Sanctuary Cove Talent Quest He sang at the opening of the Arts festival last year (2007) and opened up the Big Carter Tennis tournament and then sang at the closing ceremony as well. As well as many many charity events as well as paid gigs at other private events.

Jordan is a brilliant actor, singer and dancer and when he is on stage he owns it. He captivates the audience with his style, charm and smile. He landed the part of Bugsy Malone at the Sanctuary Cove Little Theater in 2008 and even had to take accent lessons to learn to speak like a proper American. (Which he mastered quickly.) Jordan continues to strive to be better each day, honing his craft and taking lessons to fully utilize his abundant serving of talent.

Rev 12/2008
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Featured Recordings Compact | Full
Jordan Jansen - E-Motion
E-Motion (Self , CD) Januar 2009
Featuring Jordan Jansen  
January 2009 10 Tracks SOLD OUT - DEC 2009
  1.   I Got The Music In Me (L)  
  2.   Candle On The Water  
  3.   I Still Call Australia Home  
  4.   I Still Pray (L)  
  5.   Oklahoma (L)  
  6.   Danny Boy (L)  
  7.   True Blue  
  8.   I Wish  
  9.   What's Forever For?  
10.   Breakin' Free  
Jordan Jansen - A Warm & Fuzzy Christmas
A Warm & Fuzzy Christmas (Self , CD) November 2008
Featuring Jordan Jansen  
Christmas 2008 A Christmas Compilation Self Labeled Available From www.JordanJansen.com
  1.   Rockin Around The Christmas Tree  
  2.   Warm & Fuzzy  
  3.   When A Child Is Born  
  4.   O Holy Night  
  5.   Mary Did You Know  
  6.   Walking In The Air  
  7.   White Christmas  
  8.   Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeed  
Available at   Jordan's Website to Order
Jordan Jansen - When I get My Name in Lights!
When I get My Name in Lights! (Self , CD) November 2008
Featuring Jordan Jansen  
11 Tracks of Jordan Jansen at ten years old. Self Labeled Project Available Through www.JordanJansen.com
  1.   I Am Australian  
  2.   When I Get My Name In Lights  
  3.   Bright Eyes  
  4.   One Voice  
  5.   Eye Of The Tiger  
  6.   Any Dream Will Do  
  7.   If I Were A Rich Man  
  8.   The Last Unicorn  
  9.   Walking In The Air  
10.   The Prayer  
11.   Tell Me Why  
Other Recordings Compact | Full
Jordan Jansen - Faith! The Album
Faith! The Album (All Round Music B0030D9KFU, CD) Oktober 2009
Featuring Jordan Jansen  
By All Round Music. Jordan is in the song, "I Wish", the only song he is in, in the album. This album was put together by various artists.
  1.   I Wish  
Available at   Amazon.com
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