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  The Boys Choir of Dubna, Russia   [Хоровая школа мальчиков и юношей "Дубна"]    (est. 1983) Classical Choir of Men and Boys 
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The Boys Choir of Dubna, Russia The Dubna Choral School of Boys and Young Men was founded in 1983. Today it holds 270 boys and 30 young men. It is the only State choral school for boys in the Moscow region, where as well as singing in the choir, they learn musical theory, the history of music, and musical instruments. They also have vocal technique training.

The School has five choirs : the preparatory choir (for 4-5-6 year-olds), the younger choir (7 year-olds), the candidate choir (8-10 year-olds), the concert choir (11-14 year-olds), and the men's group (for graduates of the school).

The concert choir's repertoire consists mainly of Russian spiritual music, Russian and European classical and contemporary works, Russian folk songs and traditional songs from other countries. The Dubna choral school is a laureate of many international festivals. In 1992 the concert choir won the international choir concert in Neerpelt, Belgium (1st prize with distinction). In 1995 the men's group came first in the international festival in Neuchatel, Switzerland.
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The Boys Choir of Dubna, Russia - Selected works 1995-2005
Selected works 1995-2005 (Lulu , CD) Oktober 2006
Featuring The Boys Choir of Dubna, Russia  
This album is comprised of selected works recorded during the last ten or so years. The music is a mixture of Russian spiritual and folk music.
  1.   Christ has Risen  
  2.   Rejoice, oh Lord  
  3.   Hail to Thee, Mother of God  
  4.   Praise the Lord from the Heavens  
  5.   Eternal Counsel   soloist: Ilya Pavlov
  6.   I will lead my horse through the field  
  7.   Wide Steppe  
  8.   Down the River Volga  
  9.   Along the Petersburg Road  
10.   Ah, my little doorstep  
11.   Cold was this winter  
12.   Moscow nights  
13.   Dubna song  
14.   Many years!  
Available at   Lulu
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