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  Andreas Mörwald    (b. 22 März 1994) Boy Soprano Soloist 
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Andreas Mörwald Andreas was a soprano, then a mezzo-soprano, member of the Tölzer Knabenchor between 2001 & 2009.

He was Yniold of Pélleas & Mélisande in Hamburg 2005 and a boy of the Magic Flute in Venice and Edinburgh 2006 (Claudio Abbado). Then he was soloist of the Christmas Oratorio in Cologne 2006 (Gerhard Schmidt-Gaden).
In September 2007, Andreas sang the 4th symphony by Mahler and Blaumeer by Helmut Oehring in the Philharmonie of Berlin. Andre Sokolowski wrote Andreas rendition will stay unforgettable for the whole eternity.
In February 2008, he sang the first soprano in the mass in B minor by Bach in the Old Opera of Frankfurt/Main. The director was Paolo Carignani with the Frankfurter Museumsorchester, Aurelius Sängerknaben Calw, Limburger Domsingknaben, Matthias Rexroth, Markus Schäfer and Klaus Mertens. Midou Grossmann wrote "Mit einer glockenreinen Stimme, zugleich wissend sowie ausdrucksstark, er brilliert ebenfalls in den Duetten."
In April 2008, Andreas sang Yniold in Berlin (Staatsoper), under the direction of Sir Simon Rattle. Christine Lemke-Matwey told Andreas was "imposing, with the voice of a begging angel". Wolfgang Fuhrmann wrote "he was impressive and sovereign". Rainer Allgaier wrote Andreas "sang with an astonishing safety". Uwe Schneider wrote "A delight is Andreas who acts as Yniold with the highest level".
In September 2008, he was the sopran soloist in Vesperae solennes de Confessore by Mozart under the direction of Bruno Weil (Klang & Raum in Irsee).
Douglas Neslund wrote Andreas was the current superstar soloist in the California performances in December 2008. He could sing all of the arias in the Christmas Oratorio: a position known in the choir as the "choir joker".
In February 2009, Andreas was (again) Yniold in the State Opera of Hamburg. Wolfgang Hoops wrote : "Yniold is generally nearly forgotten. There is no more danger thanks to Andreas Mörwald, a slim and concentrated boy soprano."
In July 2009, Andreas told he was going to have his voice changed.
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Merry Christmas with Henschel Quartett (Neos 90901, CD) Dezember 2009
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