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  Michael Junior   [Michael Verschuere]    (b. 21 April 1986) Celebrating 32 Years This Month Pop Soloist 
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Michael Junior Michael lives in Bruges (Belgium), and has 1 brother and 6 sisters. His talent was discovered by singer Helmut Lotti after attending one of his concerts and he soon joined him on his "Helmut Lotti Goes Classic" tour. Between 1999 and 2001, Michael performed more than 200 live concerts across Europe, South Africa, and North America.
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Featured Recordings Compact | Full
Michael Junior - Musica e la Vita
Musica e la Vita (Polydor 0044001642623, CD) März 2002
Featuring Michael Junior  
  1.   Volare [Music/Lyrics: D. Modugno, Lyrics: F. Migliacci] (L)  
  2.   La Vita [Federico Birsotto] (L)  
  3.   Roberta [L. Naddeo - P. Lepore - G. Faiella] (L)  
  4.   Non Ho L'Eta [Nisa - M. Panzeri - G. Calonnello] (L)  
  5.   Che Sarà [J. Fontana - I. Greco - C. Pes - F. Migliacci] (L)  
  6.   Ciao Ciao Bambina [D. Modugno - E. Verde] (L)  
  7.   Come Prima [S. Taccani - A. DiPaola - M. Panzeri] (L)  
  8.   La Bambola [B. Zambrini - R. Cini - F. Migliacci] (L)  
  9.   Una Furtiva Lagrima [Gaetano Donizetti] (L)   from the opera "L'elisir d'amore"
10.   Anna Maria [F. Birsotto - A. Valente] (L)  
11.   Ragazze [ S, Endrigo - Plumrose - M. Neri] (L)  
12.   Azurro [P. Conte - M. Virano - Vito Pallavicini] (L)  
Available at   Amazon US
Michael Junior - Dreamland
Dreamland (Musicrama , CD) Januar 2000
Featuring Michael Junior  
The same as Droomland but in English.
  1.   IL Mondo [N. Greco / G. Meccia / C. Pes / E. Sbriccoli] (L)  
  2.   Rêver [arr.: Walchaerts / Koelewijn] (L)  
  3.   Edelweiss [Richard Rodgers] (L)  
  4.   Santa Lucia [Teodoro Cottrau] (L)  
  5.   Panis Angelicus [César Franck] (L)   Duet with Helmut Lotti
  6.   La Spagnola [Vincenzo Di Chiari] (L)  
  7.   Who'll Come With Me [Vladimir Cosma] (L)  
  8.   Aimer [Piet Roelen] (L)  
  9.   Seuls les cygnes vont là-bas [Peter Koelewijn] (L)  
10.   Ave Maria [C. Gounod / J. S. Bach] (L)  
11.   You'll Never Walk Alone [Richard Rodgers] (L)  
12.   Le magicien [Peter Koelewijn] (L)  
13.   Friends [Helmut Lotti] (L)   Duet With Helmut Lotti
Available at   Amazon.de
Available at   Amazon.fr
Michael Junior - Droomland
Droomland (Polydor 0731454799720, CD) September 1999
Featuring Michael Junior  
Droomland (NL)
  1.   Il Mondo  
  2.   Droomland  
  3.   Edelweiss  
  4.   Santa Lucia  
  5.   Panis Angelicus   (Duet met Helmut Lotti)
  6.   La Spagnola  
  7.   Wie gaat er mee  
  8.   Ich Liebe Dich  
  9.   Alleen de zwanen weten waar  
10.   Ave Maria   (Bach/Gounod)
11.   You'll never walk alone  
12.   Was ik tovenaar  
13.   Friends   (Duet met Helmut Lotti)
Available at   Amazon.co.uk
Available at   Amazon.de
Michael Junior - Traumland
Traumland (EMI Electrola GmbH 724352282821, CD) 1999
Featuring Michael Junior  
German release. + cassette (EMI Scala 5 22828 4) 1999
  1.   Il mondo  
  2.   Traumland  
  3.   Edelweiss  
  4.   Santa Lucia  
  5.   Panis Angelicus   (Duett mit Helmut Lotti)
  6.   La spagnola  
  7.   Wer kommt mit mir   (David's Song)
  8.   Ich liebe dich (L)  
  9.   Nur die Schwäne wissen wo  
10.   Ave Maria   (Bach/Gounod)
11.   You'll never walk alone  
12.   Wär ich Zauberer  
13.   Friends   (Duett mit Helmut Lotti)
Available at   Amazon.com with audio samples but incorrect track list (on Amazon page)
Available at   Amazon.de with audio samples
Available at   Amazon.fr
Singles Compact | Full
no cover
Il mondo (Universal/Polydor/Piet Roclen Cat. 561 036-2, CD Single) 1999
Featuring Michael Junior  
  1.   Il Mondo  
Michael Junior - Panis Angelicus
Panis Angelicus ( , CD Single)
Featuring Michael Junior  
Films and Videos Compact | Full
Michael Junior - Dreamland "Special Edition"
Dreamland "Special Edition" (Musicrama , VHS) Mai 2001
Featuring Michael Junior  
45 mins. Recorded in October, 1999, Michael performs twelve songs in concert: the introductory and finale songs with Lotti, but the rest is him performing solo. Identical to the previously released PBS video aside from one extra track. The Special Edition has an extra song, "Nur Die Schwane Wissen Wo" which was performed at a zoo with white swans.
  1.   Panis Angelicus   Duet w/ Helmut Lotti
  2.   Traumland (L)  
  3.   Edelweiss  
  4.   Santa Lucia  
  5.   Il Mondo  
  6.   Nur die Schwäne wissen wo (L)  
  7.   You'll Never Walk Alone  
  8.   Ich Liebe Dich (L)  
  9.   La Spagnola  
10.   Ave Maria  
11.   Who'll Come With Me  
12.   Friends   Duet w/ Helmut Lotti
Available at   Amazon US
Available at   DVD : CVMC
Michael Junior - Classical Christmas with Helmut Lotti, A
Classical Christmas with Helmut Lotti, A ( , VHS) November 2001
Featuring Michael Junior  
60 min. Includes two songs with Michael Junior, a duet and a solo.
  1.   The First Noel  
  2.   O Little Town Of Betlehem  
  3.   Joy To The World  
  4.   Still Still Still  
  5.   Panis Angelicus   Duett mit Michael Jr.
  6.   It´s Christmas  
  7.   God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen  
  8.   Gloria In Excelcis Deo  
  9.   Minuit, Chretien  
10.   Stille Nacht   Solo Michael Jr.
11.   Go Tell It On The Mountain  
12.   Ave Maria  
13.   O Tannenbaum  
14.   Jingle Bells  
15.   We Wish You A Merry Christmas  
16.   Ave Maria   It is very good
17.   The First Noel  
Recordings after Voice Change / Recordings as an Adult Compact | Full
Michael Junior - You Raise Me Up
You Raise Me Up (RELI , CD Single) 2005
Featuring Michael Junior (non-treble)  
Made in Belgium le 28/06/2004.
  1.   You Raise Me Up   Radio Edit
  2.   You Raise Me Up   Original Version
  3.   youraisemeup  
  Michael Junior Michael Junior - You Raise me up (voice change)
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