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  Grímur Helgi Gíslason    (b. 22 März 1986) Jazz Soloist 
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Grímur Helgi Gíslason
As a boy he played and sang in the Musical "Bugsy Malone".
Soon afterwards he got a solo album recorded featuring mainly Jazz repertoire.
Besides singing and acting he also played in a football (soccer) team. As an adult Grímur has been working for Iceland Air.
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Grimur Helgi Gislason

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Featured Recordings Compact | Full
Grímur Helgi Gíslason - Nýklipptur
Nýklipptur (MaGus 001, CD) 2000
Featuring Grímur Helgi Gíslason  
  1.   Ferry Across The Mersey  
  2.   Smile  
  3.   Astarsaela  
  4.   In My Life  
  5.   My Funny Valentine  
  6.   What A Wonderful World  
  7.   To Be Grateful  
  8.   Ben  
  9.   A Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square  
10.   Downtown  
11.   Morning Has Broken  
12.   Perfect Day  
13.   Danny Boy   This track is not mentioned on the track list, but is a "hidden" track and can be found by letting the previous track continue to play for about four minutes after the singing stops.
Available at   Skifan, Iceland
Other Recordings Compact | Full
Grímur Helgi Gíslason - Bugsy Malone
Bugsy Malone ( , CD)
Featuring Thorvaldur David Kristjansson   Einar Mar Bjornsson   Jon Eliasson   Grímur Helgi Gíslason   Jonmundur Gretarsson   Hannes Thorthur Thorvaldsson   Vilhjalmur Vilhjalmsson  
in Icelandic
  1.   Bugsy Malone   Solo Halla Vilhjamsdottir (girl Soprano)
  2.   Hja Samma   Soloists Jon Eliasson (treble) and Alfrud Ornolfsdottir,Halla Vilhjalmsdottir,Kristin Osk Hjartdottir (girl sopranos)
  3.   A Morgun   Soloist Jonmundur Gretarsson (Treble)
  4.   Throjotar   Soloists Grimur Helgi Gislason, Hannes Thorthur Thorvaldsson, Vilhjalmur Vilhjalmsson (Trebles)
  5.   Mer Lidur Vel   Soloist Kristin Osk Hjartardottir (girl soprano)
  6.   Eg Heit Tallulah   Soloist Alfrud Ornolfsdottir (girl Soprano)
  7.   LangarThig Ad Laera Ad Boxa   Soloist Einar Mar Bjornsson (Tenor)
  8.   Yfirgefin Og An Thin   Soloist Kristin Osk Hjartardottir (girl soprano)
  9.   Utangards   Soloist Thorvaldur David Kristjansson (Treble)
10.   Ef Thu Brosir Ollum Vid   Soloists Jon Eliasson,Thorvaldur David Kristjansson, Grimur Helgi Gislason,(Trebles) with Kristin Osk Hjartardottir and Alfrud Ornolfsdottir (girl Sopranos)
11.   Kata Knus   Soloist Grimur Helgi Gislason (Treble)
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