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  Cyril Lewis    (b. 18 Februar 1921) Boy Soprano Soloist 
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Cyril Lewis One of Steffani's Silver Songsters. See also the pages for Morris Stevens & Roy Kemp.

I believe Cyril Lewis joined Steffani's Singing Scholars in 1934. He can be seen singing 'Loves Old Sweet Song' with the Singing Scholars on the Pathe web site. This was filmed in early 1935 and he left the group soon after. He was a member of Steffani's Silver Songsters who were formed later in 1935.

"Master Cyril Lewis, aged 12, a chorister of St. Paul's Church, Port Talbot, has won 55 first prizes in 18 months. He has won four national honours, including the capturing recently of a silver cup for the championship of Wales. He took two firsts at the Ponthenry Eisteddfod last Saturday. As a side-line, on Wednesday next he will defend his title as champion boy sack-racer of Wales."
Report in the South Wales Evening Post (Swansea), Tuesday 27 June 1933.

Died 2000
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Featured Recordings Compact | Full
Cyril Lewis - Richards: Cymru fach (My own little country) / Y deryn pur (The Dove)
Richards: Cymru fach (My own little country) / Y deryn pur (The Dove) (Decca F.5139 (10-inch), 78 RPM) September 1934
Featuring Cyril Lewis  
A: Cymru fach (My own little country) (incipits: Mae lle iddi 'gyd yn fy nghalon, Gymru fach. / My own little country! I love her, land o' mine.) (song, 1927: wds Elfed (pseud. of Howell Elvet Lewis, 1860-1953) - music David Richards) (matrix TB1393)
B: Y deryn pur (The Dove) (incipits: Y deryn pur a'r adain las. / Fair dove, on blue far-glancing wing.) (anon. wds to an Old Welsh Air arr. Arthur Somervell (1863-1937) with Engl. wds by Alfred Perceval Graves - publ. in "Sixteen Welsh Melodies with Traditional and Original Welsh Words and English Lyrics" Part II (London, 1909)) (TB1392-2)
Both rec. (in Welsh) 13 July 1934 with piano accomp.
The second song is included in Amphion's CD "The Better Land" vol. 5.

The adjacent photograph accompanied the report in the South Wales Evening Post mentioned above.
  Side A -   Cymru fach (My own little country) (Richards)  
  Side B -   Y dery pur (The Dove) (Trad. Welsh)  
Other Recordings Compact | Full
Cyril Lewis - The Better Land Volume 5 - Great Boy Sopranos Recorded 1927-1957
The Better Land Volume 5 - Great Boy Sopranos Recorded 1927-1957 (Amphion PHI CD 189, CD) Oktober 2003
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10.   Y Deryn Pur -The Dove (arr. Somervell-Williams)   Master Cyril Lewis
11.   A song of long ago (D.Furber-A.E. Adams)   Master Trevor Schofield
12.   Nearer my God to Thee (Carey)   Master John Bookman
13.   A brown bird singing (Barrie-Haydn Wood)   Master Leslie Day
14.   Lullaby (Brahms)   Master Michael Morley
15.   O for the wings of a dove (Mendelssohn)   Master Kenneth Purves
16.   Father in Heaven* (Largo-Handel)   Master Robert Regent
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19.   Angels Ever bright (Handel)   Master Robert Duncan Peel
20.   With Verdure Clad (The Creation-Haydn)   Master Raymond Kinsey
21.   Oh for a closer walk with God (Foster)   Master Raymond Kinsey
22.   Beekeeper's Introit * (arr. G. Dixon)   Master Alan Bradbrook (Private Recording 1957)
23.   A Song of Peace*   Master Beverley Jones
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