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  Froebel Boys Choir   [Fureeberu shonen gasshodan]    (est. Juli 1959) Classical Choir of Boys 
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Froebel Boys Choir Froebel Boys Choir (Japanese:フレーベル少年合唱団) is a children chorus of boy sopranos and boy altos based in Tokyo. It is one of the well known boys choir in Japan. Choir is administered by Froebel-Kan Co., Ltd. well known as the publication of Japanese picture books. We count 4 junior high students, 53 primary schoolchildren and 24 preschool children in October, 2005.

Their activities include concerts, attractions, recordings of TV commercials and soundtracks of movies. They hold regular concerts as report to the company of the activity, once a year . Since 1993 the head office of Froebel-Kan (6-14-9 Honkomagome Bunkyo-Ku, Tokyo 113-8611 JAPAN) has served as their every week rehearsals and operations.

The chorus was established in July, 1959 at Froebel-Kan's old headquarters building of Kandaogawamachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo. It is said that it was the beginning of the thing that the CEO heard the singing voice of the boy chorus of East Germany from the radio, at his bedside early in the morning. In those days, Toshi Isobe takes office as the first conductor and starts recordings of the analogue disk in December of that year. They appeared on NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation) television in March in that next year. The choir began to appear for a concert from 1961.

The boys sing various genre music. Popular songs for infants, schoolchildren and adults, etc.. When conductors changed, their voice were changed from complete head tones to a normal chest voices. Because the bright stage clothes established in December, 1959 maintained the same style for 45 years, it was interesting. There are the graduates society and the parents' association. They supports the boys.
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Froebel Boys Choir - Niji ɂ
Niji ɂ (Nippon Columbia GES-15285, CD) Dezember 2016
Featuring Froebel Boys Choir  
Modern piano lessons and education pieces: "Microcosmos" by Hungarian composer Bartok Bera (1881-1945) the 20th century.Four songs was composed for his son Péter (9 to 13 years old) . We expect to be the first project in Japan, as recorded by Boy sopranos.  The S-class members of Froebel Boys' Choir, one of the most historical boys choir in Japan, was chosen with a voice that matched the image of each Hungarian song tune.
  1.   #65 Párbeszéd@Dialogue   MIKROKOZMOSZ, Sz.107 composed by Bartók Béla
  2.   #74-b Magyar párosító @Hungarian Matchmaking Song   MIKROKOZMOSZ, Sz.107 composed by Bartók Béla
  3.   #95-b Rókadal@Fox Song   MIKROKOZMOSZ, Sz.107 composed by Bartók Béla
  4.   #127 Új-magyar népdal@New Type Hungarian Folk Song   MIKROKOZMOSZ, Sz.107 composed by Bartók Béla
  5.   Niji  
Froebel Boys Choir - our concert by Froebel Boy's Choir
our concert by Froebel Boy's Choir (King Record , LP) 1967
Featuring Froebel Boys Choir  
  1.   Yama no Chon-Chon Gisu  
  2.   Ojii san, Obaa san  
  3.   Bonbori san  
  4.   Jugo Ya no Uta  
  5.   Kitsune Asobi  
  6.   Komoriuta  
  7.   Te Asobi  
  8.   Tombo  
  9.   Tanabata  
10.   Suzume Suzume Hoshinjo  
11.   Jako Gai Uta  
12.   Manecyo  
13.   Ote Dama  
14.   Temari Uta  
15.   Nemure nemure nen nen Ko  
16.   Chiisa Aki mitsuketa  
17.   Tokei  
18.   Toori Ame  
19.   Buranko Buranko  
20.   Haru no Kaze  
21.   Kuwayama kakero  
22.   Makka na Keshi  
23.   Tani no Koguma  
24.   Fuyu ga kuruto  
25.   Tana wo tsukurimasyo  
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